Jellico gives up right-of-ways

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 JELLICO—Officials here abandoned two right-of-ways and another is on the chopping block.

Davant Street between Sunset Trail and S. Queener Avenue and Fifth Avenue between S. Main Street and Hurst Avenue have been relinquished to the adjoining property owners. 

In formerly published town maps, there was a series of right-of-ways intended to be paved and turned into streets. In more than 100 cases, the right-of-ways were never used.  By abandoning them, adjacent property owners will split the land and then pay taxes on them, generating at least some revenue for the town. 

The property owners agreed with the arrangement according to Alderman Charles Vermillion.

Abandoning a third right of way, Holly Street between 1st and 2nd avenues was initially approved and will be voted on at tonight’s meeting.