Jellico man arrested after trying to claim bicycle

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By Beth Braden

A Jellico man is behind bars after police say he came to the department looking to claim a bicycle.

On Oct. 18, Gary Wayne “Wire Hair” Douglas, 46, of 667 Wooldridge Lane, came to the Jellico Police Department asking to have a confiscated bicycle returned to him.  

What Douglas didn’t know, was the Campbell County Grand Jury had issued an indictment for his arrest after Det. Sgt. Jeff Ivey provided evidence of previous crimes Douglas allegedly committed.

When Douglas arrived at the police department, he was arrested, according to reports.

While booking Douglas into jail, officers allegedly found several small amounts of what was believed to be marijuana, as well as an alleged marijuana cigarette.

“He had marijuana in two or three different places,” said Jellico Assistant Police Chief J.J. Hatmaker.

Additionally, Douglas had a soda bottle in his possession that allegedly had a small pill police believed to be an Opana-ER extended release tablet. Opana, generically referred to as oxymorphone, is a painkiller used to treat moderate to severe pain, Hatmaker said.

Douglas was charged with 16 felonies and two misdemeanors.

“The original 14 [felonies] from the indictment was where he sold and or delivered 14 different times,” Hatmaker said. The other two felonies came from introducing contraband into a penal institution.