Jellico police arrest Perkins for assault

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By Natasha LaFayette


  Broken beer bottles and multiple witnesses claiming assault led to the arrest of Charles Ray Perkins, 32, of 222 Broad Street in Jellico.

Detective J.J. Hatmaker and officer Wayne Conrad were dispatched to the B Towers on Jan. 2, to investigate claims of assault.

When officers arrived they found two victims, who appeared fearful, standing near a broken beer bottle, said Hatmaker.

“Through questioning the two I found the bottle was thrown by the defendant (Perkins), and that one of the victims may have been assaulted by the defendant,” said Hatmaker.

According to Hatmaker, Perkins was found on the second floor, talking with Conrad. 

“Other bottles and glassware were found broken in the entrance way and the kitchen of the apartment,” said Hatmaker.

When Hatmaker spoke with the defendant, he stated he had broken the bottles but he had not assaulted anyone. According to Hatmaker, Perkins cursed and stated he was not going to jail. 

While officers attempted to speak with Perkins, neighbors approached a building staff member and allegedly claimed Perkins had assaulted them.

“Others stated to a building staff member that they were also victims of the defendant’s rampage,” said Hatmaker. “ While waiting to question the others, the defendant became very belligerent towards officers, staff and others in the hallway of the building.”

According to Hatmaker, the defendant slammed the door to the apartment, and continued to throw and break things inside the apartment.  Officers attempted to gain entry to the room, but were unable to do so. 

Officers outside the apartment made requests for Perkins to exit the apartment, but he repeatedly refused. According to the report, the defendant opened the door and attempted to spit at Hatmaker. 

“I used a chemical spray in an attempt to stop the defendant, and to gain entry to the apartment.  When I gained entry, the defendant attempted to strike me with his fist, and attempted to kick me,” said Hatmaker. “I then used a baton to deflect the defendant’s strikes, and struck the defendant in the upper arm and instructed the defendant to get on the floor; the defendant refused and kept trying to strike me.”

The officers were finally able to restrain Perkins and escorted him to the Jellico jail.

After Perkins was arrested, several witnesses came to the police station to file reports of abuse. According to Hatmaker, most of the witnesses stated they were afraid of the defendant.

“While being held in the jail, the defendant urinated in the floor, and attempted to flood the cell, by stuffing his pants in the commode and flushing it repeatedly,” said Hatmaker. “The defendant also struck the walls and bars of the cell with his head and body, and upset other prisoners in the jail.”

Perkins was charged with vandalism, assault, resisting arrest, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Additional charges of retaliation for past action were added when the defendant made personal threats against officers, said Hatmaker.

“The defendant called several officers by name and stated that he would burn their homes down with their families inside for arresting him,” said Hatmaker. “The defendant also stated where officers lived, and stated he would kill them.”

Though Perkins was cuffed and shackled when he was transported to the Campbell County Jail, he was able to get the inside cage of the police cruiser to come loose, said Hatmaker.

According to the report, transporting officer Joe Hopson began to slow down and came to a stop on the interstate as Perkins began to beat his head on the window.

Hatmaker said Perkins leaned back in the seat and kicked the window out with his feet.

Officers were able to use pepper spray to restrain the defendant.

Perkins is scheduled to appear in court for the charges on Jan. 30.