Jury doesn't buy last minute testimony

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By Melissa Indelicato

When the court began after lunch last Wednesday at the Sammy Miracle trial, it was Cleda McGhee’s, Travis Gaylor’s stepsister, time to give her testimony. McGhee was the only witness who claimed to ever see the alleged cell-phone pictures of the murder.

McGhee originally said she was in a car full of people that were passing around phones when she went through one of the phone’s pictures to locate its owner. But while she was looking through the pictures she claimed to have seen photos with Jonathon Pierce’s expired body slumped up against his car with his head drooped downward, and another with him limply lying on his back in the dirt.

The picture she allegedly saw of Sammy Miracle holding the murder weapon was what appeared to draw the jury’s attention. She claimed to see Miracle boosting the tire iron over his head with his muscles allegedly flexed.

But during cross-examination she went on to say it was just Gaylor and herself in the car when she saw the pictures.  

“Are you trying to confuse me?”  McGhee asked Miracle’s attorney, Tom Slaughter, when he asked questions to figure out who had taken the pictures.

“No, all I’m asking is who took the pictures? We know Sammy couldn’t have taken them if he was in them,” Slaughter returned.

“I just don’t know then sir. Travis told me Sammy took them,” McGhee said as the defense rested.