Kidnappers confess to crimes

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By Susan Sharp

Two of four men charged with the December crime of assaulting a man in his home and putting him in the closet while they pilfered his belongings have opted for a plea.

Michael Goins and Roger Wilson appeared in criminal court Monday to admit their guilt.

Both men agreed they had committed kidnapping, robbery and aggravated burglary.

Goins, a 19 year old who came to court in shorts and flip-flops, was sentenced to one year of split confinement, He was given credit for the time he has already served behind bars, the plea form said.

After that is completed, Goins will spend the next nine years on probation. He was also assessed court costs.

Wilson’s sentence was not finalized in court.

After agreeing to testify in other cases, the 40-year-old Wilson was told prosecutors would not seek more than a 10-year sentence for him.

However, it was not determined on Monday how Wilson would serve any sentence given by the court, the plea said.

Wilson was still being held in jail when he appeared in court on Monday shackled and in a black and white county issued jumpsuit.

The other two men charged in the crime, Daryl V. Frazier, 22, and Mitchell Wayne Swygert, 18, still have not had their charges resolved.

It was learned in December 2008, the four men had entered another man’s home, tied him up and locked him in a closet.

The men then allegedly took medication and money from the victim's house.

 “I learned that the defendants had indeed made entry to the victim's home, shoved the victim to the ground causing bruises and injuries,” said sheriff’s Detective Brandon Elkins in paperwork he filed at the time.

The foursome had allegedly made plans to assault, kidnap and rob the victim, arrest records said.

Frazier, Goins, Wilson and Swygert allegedly divided the pills, which they took from the victim, the report also said.

“Upon attempting to arrest Mr. Daryl Frazier, I saw in plain sight some of the prescription pills that had been taken from the victim,” said Elkins.

The report states when Frazier was arrested Xanax, Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Suboxone pills were discovered in his room.

The victim had also told police the thieves took some of his firearms.

Elkins said at the time the victim believed the men were going to kill him.

“The victim found the two firearms in his yard after the offenses had taken place,” said Elkins.

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