Kitts plea means jail time

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By Susan Sharp

Kenny Kitts appears to be taking care of his outstanding court business.

On Monday, Kitts entered into two plea agreements that resolved criminal charges for him dating back to 2007.

As a result of those pleas, he was sentenced to spend time behind bars.

In his first agreement, Kitts plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance with attempted intent to deliver it and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was sentenced to spend six months in jail but given credit for the time he had served. Kitts was also placed on eight years supervised probation.

The second agreement said Kitts plead guilty to the promotion of the process intended to manufacture meth. For this, alternative sentencing, such as probation, was denied, according to the plea form. Instead, Kitts was ordered to serve four years with the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Kitts’ repeated brushes with the law in these cases date back to November 2007.

It was then that LaFollette Police confiscated a meth lab that was it largest recovery of finished product at that time.

On Thanksgiving night 2007, the LPD seized 28 and half grams of meth when Kitts was arrested.

The apprehension came after a neighbor on South Massachusetts Avenue called and said it appeared some one was in a home that was to be vacant for the evening, according to Officer Bill Owens.

When Kitts was questioned, LPD Officer Bill Owens discovered a purple velvet bag with a bag full of white powder inside it, the report said.

This prompted Kitts’ arrest and a search of the home.

Inside were a multitude of items used in cooking meth including 100 feet of tubing, 50 batteries, two propane tanks and three torches.

Also found in the home was several hypodermic needles containing an undetermined liquid, Owens said.

Officials believed at the time Kitts and a possible accomplice had recently completed the manufacturing process of the drug. Another cook appeared to be in progress as well, reports said.

“This is one of the largest seizures of finished meth we have gotten to date,” said Det. Lt. Monty Miller following the seizure.

In September 2008, Owens and Kitts met again.

While on patrol, Owens spotted a suspicious vehicle parked outside a home located at 306 River Drive. It was during this time the homeowner arrived and requested that Owens and Sgt. Rick Ford assist in checking on his 65- year- old father, who was inside the home, LPD reports from that incident said.

According to Ford, the property owner was concerned for his father’s safety due to his sister’s presence in the home.

 Miller said upon entering the kitchen Owens and Ford observed Kitts and three others “beginning the process of cooking meth.”

Kitts was arrested at the scene of that lab as well.

Meth Team Leader Jason Henegar, and Officer Pam Jarrett, meth tech, responded to the scene that night finding a variety of drug paraphernalia including coffee filters containing a white residue, straws, a plastic pipe and several bags containing a white powder.