LaFollette citizens make complaints about dogcatcher

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By Natasha LaFayette



It has been over a week since Christine Chase’s dog was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter for alleged aggressive behavior.

However, a shifting story about her dog’s actions and prior incidences with the LaFollette Animal Control officer Stan Foust led her to appeal to the LaFollette City Council on Tuesday night.

Chase said she was told her dog was in a fight with another dog last week.  She claimed the other dog belonged to Foust.

Chase asked the council many questions, including why her dog was taken to the shelter and not the other one, why her dog was being held for so long and why was she being told several different stories about why her dog was taken.

“They are afraid to come because they are afraid of what he’ll do,” said another neighbor in the audience about more witnesses afraid to share their experiences with the LaFollette Animal Control Officer. “He will write you a fine for your dog, that’s fine; I’ll take the fine because my dog is penned up and his (Foust) dog is loose 90 -percent of the time, his parents dogs are loose all the time.”

Chase explained several incidences between her and Foust that have caused an unpleasant relationship as neighbors. One situation in particular was a recent general sessions court case where Foust’s father was charged a fine for having his dogs loose in the neighborhood, causing a dog on a leash to get free and run off a bridge.

“Issues like Stan’s brother robbing me, issues coming from all over the place as far as I go and I have been tolerant of the thievery and other things,” said Chase. “There is a lot of issues here and I think this is just unfair.”

The council listened as Chase and other citizens spoke about personal encounters with Foust. City Administrator David Young had previously requested the county animal control officer handle all situations with Foust’s family and surrounding residents.

Even though Chase’s dog was allegedly in a fight with Foust’s dog, Foust still took it upon himself to capture Chase’s dog and take it to the shelter, she said.

According to Chase, an investigation was conducted to determine whether or not her dog was dangerous, and all the people interviewed had the last name of Foust.

Five people in the audience advocated for Chase’s dog mentioning the animal’s sweet disposition and said they were surprised it would be held for such an extended time for alleged aggressive behavior.

Young stated he would assist in getting the dog returned to Chase, and the situation would be handled either in house or by the council.