LaFollette City court judge sees charges dismissed

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By Susan Sharp

Wes Hatmaker’s legal charges have been dropped.

In October 2012, the attorney and LaFollette City Court Judge was arrested for driving for on a suspended license.

However, since his arrest Hatmaker has taken the necessary steps to restore his driver’s license, according to a motion filed by Deputy District Attorney General John Galloway.

As a result, the charges were dropped in December 2012, general sessions records indicate.

“That’s the general practice for us. We do give them time to remedy that,” said Eighth Judicial District Attorney General Lori Phillips-Jones.

When Hatmaker was stopped by Jacksboro Police Officer Keith Ducharme he was unable to provide the officer with either a driver’s license or proof of insurance, instead presenting the officer with an ID Only Tennessee card, the report said.

Ducharme then ran a check on Hatmaker’s driver’s license status, the report said. It came back that Hatmaker had been without a driver’s license for 14 years, Ducharme said. Records indicated Hatmaker’s driver’s license had been suspended since 1998 for failure to pay a traffic ticket in Alabama.

Hatmaker allegedly told the officer he was aware of the suspension.