LaFollette elected officials take the oath of office

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By Natasha LaFayette



Many people referred to the swearing in ceremony of LaFollette’s newly elected officials as a historic moment.

Rarely in the history of the city have three councilmen and a mayor taken the oath of office simultaneously, according to City Administrator David Young as he welcomed onlookers to the city hall building.

The ceremony, held on Monday night, brought a large crowd to witness the proceedings. The family of Mayor Mike Stanfield glowed with excitement as he took the oath to serve the city.

City Judge Wes Hatmaker swore in Stanfield, who held a serious expression as Hatmaker read the promise in which Stanfield agreed to. Stanfield’s expression did not falter until he said I do, lowered his right hand and accepted the crowd’s applause. It was then his face broke into a smile.

Stanfield gave a short speech in which he told everyone he and the council would work, “ To do what’s right.”

Councilman Hansford Hatmaker was sworn in next. He took the oath, proceeding to share the moment with Stanfield in a hug.

City Attorney Reid Troutman swore in Councilman Wayne Kitts. Kitts took the oath and then addressed the audience, saying the council seat was much different from the service he gave in the school system for many years.

“I know we are probably not going to do everything you like,” said Kitts. “But if I have the information I will try to make the right decisions.”

Last, Councilman Joe Bolinger was sworn into office. He also expressed his appreciation to the audience.

In closing,  election commissioners presented each of the officials chosen by the public with a certificate of election.

Each of the men placed their signatures on the sanctioned affidavit of political office.

Kitts, Bolinger and Hatmaker joined Councilman Bob Fannon on the council Tuesday night for the December workshop and council meeting.

Stanfield formally took the place of Cliff Jennings as chairman of the council at the December meeting.