LaFollette facing lawsuit

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By Susan Sharp

Last week, the city of LaFollette and one of its citizens were jointly sued by Tommye and Jess Ogg.

The Ogges are alleging negligence on the part of the city and Amanda Lawson for a traffic accident Tommye Ogge was involved in earlier this year.

They are asking for $100,000 in damages.

Tommye Ogge and Lawson were both traveling on Hemlock Street in LaFollette when the two were involved in a traffic accident.

The court filings claims Lawson was not in control of her vehicle when the crash occurred. Culpability for the accident is placed on the city for not maintaining Hemlock Street.

City officials had “actual and/or constructive notice” of Hemlock’s “dangerous conditions,” according to court records. The officials acted negligently when they didn’t maintain the lane markings on the street or take steps to delineate the flow of traffic, the Ogges suit says. This makes the city guilty of “maintaining a defective, unsafe or dangerous condition” of a city street.

The Ogges further claim that in the course of the accident Lawson violated five traffic laws causing personal and property damages.

They have asked for a jury to hear the case.

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