LaFollette highway business district up for amendment

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 The LaFollette City Council is in the process of passing an ordinance that will amend the highway business district. At the Sept. 4 meeting, the city council voted to pass the ordinance on a first reading.

The highway business district includes everything on both sides of Jacksboro Pike, or Central Avenue in LaFollette, from city limit to city limit, codes enforcement officer Stan Foust said.

The language in the zoning ordinance for the highway business district is vague where it refers to medical offices, Foust said. It doesn’t mention medical offices being allowed in the district. While the LaFollette Medical Center would have been grandfathered in before the district was established, if Tennova plans to expand, a medical district would have to be created.

This is why the council wants to amend the language of the zoning ordinance to allow for medical offices within the highway business district, Foust said.