LaFollette Library News

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By Nancy Green

LaFollette Public Library News – October 28, 2010


We had a very distinguished guest here at the LaFollette Public Library recently.  Secretary of State Trey Hargett paid us an impromptu visit.  His office is over all the public libraries in the State of Tennessee.  He was in town and took time from his busy schedule to visit the library.  He is very pro library and had many kind things to say concerning libraries in general and this library in particular.  He spoke to the people gathered here and gave special accolades to the members of the Campbell County Library Board and members of the Friends of the LaFollette Public Library who had gathered to welcome Secretary Hargett.  We were very honored to have this special guest.

As you have read in the paper recently, the grant which was awarded to us for building of the library has many stipulations which will be almost impossible to meet.  The project was applied for as a $1.5 million project.  Out of the many libraries applying for this one time grant, ours was the only library state wide who was awarded the grant.  The amount awarded is $200,000.00.  However, there is a million dollar loan attached to the grant.  So in order to receive our $200,000.00, the City must come up with $300,000 and show they are spending it, then we must take out the million dollar loan and show we are using it for the library, and then we would get the $200,000.  That’s a lot of hoops to jump through, and I’m just not sure the City is willing to do all that.  We have written a letter to the director of these projects asking him to refigure the project.  So again, we are in a wait and see situation.  I will keep you informed as progress is made.

The library is staying very busy, as usual.  For the month of October, 2,940 people passed through our door.  877 people used the computers, many of these for job searches, job applications, resumes, filing unemployment; the list goes on and on.  We are the only place in town that provides free Internet access.  When you come into the library to use the computers, unless you are a regular customer that we are acquainted with, you will be asked to show your library card or an ID.  You are then given an access code which will allow you a 45 minutes use of the computer.  You are allowed two sessions on the computer per day.  These sessions can run back to back if no one is waiting, but if others are waiting to use computers, then you must wait for your second turn.  We hope, in this way, to make the use of the computers available to everyone.  And we appreciate your understanding in this.

The LaFollette Public Library celebrated Halloween with a costume party on Oct. 22.  Prizes were awarded for the best costume, games were played, and refreshments were enjoyed.  If you missed this party, keep your eyes and ears open.  We will have another party during the Christmas season.

Have a blessed fall season, and come visit us soon.