LaFollette November meeting is the last for Jennings

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By Natasha LaFayette

LaFollette Mayor Cliff Jennings said goodbye to the community last Thursday at the November council meeting.

The meeting was the last to be held with Jennings as mayor and Shirley Rogers on the council, although Rogers did not attend the final meeting.

The meeting’s agenda was small with the decision to appeal the LaFollette Medical Foundation Board ruling quickly approved by Councilmen Bob Fannon and Hansford Hatmaker.

“There is an issue pending at the court of appeals,” said City Attorney Reid Troutman. “Our meeting minutes need to clearly reflect that we engage the services of Johnny Dunaway to prosecute this matter and to ratify the action he has taken,”

The motion was made to clarify the hiring of Dunaway and to appeal the action against the LaFollette Medical Foundation Board.

During the citizen’s comments, Ronnie Daugherty approached the council about being placed on next month’s agenda. Daugherty said the purpose of his request is to gain the support of local municipalities in writing a letter to the legislature concerning harsher punishment for methamphetamine manufacturers.

The council agreed to hear Daugherty’s ideas about writing the letter and gaining support for harsher punishments.

Daugherty thanked LaFollette Police Chief Ben Baird for his continued efforts to eradicate meth in the city. The council acknowledged Daugherty’s favorable remarks about the LaFollette Police Department.

After the meeting’s agenda was completed, Jennings addressed the audience by taking the opportunity to congratulate Mayor-elect Mike Stanfield.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank this community for giving me the opportunity to serve over a 27-year period,” said Jennings. “Being elected mayor is about as nice a thing that a community can do for you. They have been so gracious to me and my family to elect me four times and I want everyone to know that I appreciate it.”

In closing, Jennings addressed the current financial standing of the city.

“The city is in good financial shape with a little over $4 million in the budget,” said Jennings.

The audience applauded the mayor’s affections about the honor of presiding as mayor for many years.

Newly elected councilmen Joe Bolinger and Wayne Kitts were introduced and mayor-elect Mike Stanfield was also welcomed during the meeting.

The elected officials will be sworn into office on Dec. 1., at 6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. The following meeting will be Dec. 2 with a workshop at 6:15 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m.