LaFollette welcomes new women’s service

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By Natasha LaFayette



Program Manager with Catholic Charities Sandy Davis addressed the LaFollette City Council last week about a program new to LaFollette.

Davis said the charity provides pregnancy services to women including a helpline, pregnancy center, adoption services, male mentoring and post abortion healing and recovery.

“Hopefully by the end of February or the first part of March we will have one here in LaFollette,” said Davis about opening an office at the West LaFollette school.

Davis discovered the need in Campbell County when she came to do an adoption in the area.

She said around 25 girls are currently pregnant at Campbell County High School and the need for pregnancy services appears to be needed.

“We discovered there was a great interest and a great need for a pregnancy center in your area,” said Davis. “The community support has been absolutely overwhelming.”

Davis introduced the center coordinator for the area Jean Smith.

Along with recruiting a coordinator, Davis explained the center is raising money to open an office.

“The pregnancy service is about people,” said Davis. “It’s about helping people, about helping pregnant girls or people who are in a crisis situation.”

According to Davis, the center helps individuals to prepare for parenthood, set up adoptions or gain necessary baby items.

The center also offers a male mentoring program to teach men how to be fathers.

The post abortion healing and recovery is for people who have already had abortions and are dealing with the emotional and physical effects of the procedure.

“We do not help them get an abortion, that is something we do not do,” said Davis. “But they know before they leave our office that they can come back later if they need help.”

Davis said the center is there to provide unconditional love, support, information and aid to anyone facing or having faced an unplanned pregnancy.

The centers are non-profit and work with surrounding organizations to help people get specific services.

The center in LaFollette will be the fifth Catholic Charity pregnancy center that Davis has opened.

Davis said free pregnancy testing and nutritional information is also offered at the center.

“We operate on a very small budget, but the impact we have is huge,” said Davis.

At the LaFollette City Council meeting, a lease was prepared by the City Attorney Reid Troutman for Catholic Charities.

According to City Administrator David Young, the lease is for $200 a month for two rooms.

The council approved the lease during the meeting on Tuesday.