Lawsuit claims man indicted for Big O’s robbery ‘framed’

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Sheriff dismisses suit as attempt for ‘lawyer to help stepson’

By Beth Braden


JACKSBORO—A man indicted for allegedly robbing Big O’s Git N Go earlier this year is suing the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Daniel L. Stanfill, 32, 146 Hope Lane, LaFollette, was indicted by a grand jury on March 14 on two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of theft less than $500 for the crime. He was booked into the jail on Monday and released after posting a $75,000 bond. 

On Wednesday, Stanfill filed a civil suit in Circuit Court against Sheriff Robbie Goins, Chief Deputy Aaron Evans, Det. John Long, Det. Freddie White and Deputy Josh Carroll which claims he was framed.

Dave Dunaway represents Stanfill and is reported to be Stanfill’s stepfather. 

The 14-page complaint maintains that Stanfill had purchased some items at Big O’s on Gen. Carl W. Stiner Highway on Jan. 2, the night of the robbery, but then left the premises. The robbery happened after he was gone, the suit says. 

“Within a short time after [Stanfill] leaving the store, another individual wearing a ski mask, whose height was much shorter than the Plaintiff and whose clothes were substantially different than the clothes that the Plaintiff was wearing, entered Big O’s store, went directly to the cash register, and while carrying a firearm, robbed the store where the Plaintiff had previously been in attendance as a patron,” the suit said. 

CCSO officials began “[suggesting]…the plaintiff had committed the robbery of Big O’s Store for purposes of their own political agenda,” court documents said. 

The investigation and pursuit of Stanfill’s indictment was an attempt by the sheriff’s department to “make their statistics look better,” according to the suit. 

Goins called the suit “unfortunate,” on Wednesday afternoon. 

“However unfortunate this civil suit may be, it is no surprise, that Mr. Dunaway would spare no maneuver to defend, uphold and attempt to negotiate his step son away from these problems and allegations. Unfortunately, it has been done at the expense of Campbell County citizens and taxpayers and to the detriment of the victims involved in the criminal case. We respect Mr. Dunaway’s decision to defend his step son in these matters as it comes to no surprise to this office,” Goins said. “We believe personal responsibility is the best way for all involved in this case to get the outcome they desire. I can assure you this, we will investigate, indict, arrest and help prosecute any case, wherever it may lead upon whoever it may be regardless of their relations or status to anyone. We work hard here and are expected to do a job and we will do it. We look forward to this civil suit being dismissed accordingly.”

The complaint goes on to say deputies tried to coerce Stanfill into confessing and his family and friends suffered “harassment” at the hands of CCSO officials.

Stanfill is asking for $1.5 million in damages.  

Editor's note: This article has been updated and corrected.