Letter- Heatherly

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LaFollette Press:

This is simply a letter of thanks and appreciation for a job of well done. We have experienced an academic renaissance at Campbell County High School. When I started at CCHS two years ago, we were on the cusp of the Tennessee Department of Education taking over our school. During those two years, the state also sharply raised acceptable performance levels and increased the rigor of standards the students were expected to learn. All these factors made for a very bleak outlook and plenty of ammunition for negative influences, who saw the job as impossible.

Now for the good news, CCHS has been able to achieve at a level that has met and surpassed state mandated standards. All indicators are pointing to CCHS being in good standing with the Tennessee Department of Education. This has occurred in a year of record numbers of schools being added to the state target or take over list.

I would like to express my thanks to the students of CCHS that put in the work to take academics to new heights at CCHS. We asked our students to try new things and push themselves to achieve at levels once thought unattainable. The teachers were right behind the students in their level of professional achievement. Our teachers accepted the challenge of a hard and uncomfortable job. They rolled their sleeves up and went to work. These teachers graciously accepted new technologies and in some cases applied new teaching strategies. I cannot thank them enough for a job well done. I also need to thank the CCHS parents for their patience and support during this process. In the vast majority of cases, you will find a caring, involved parent behind every successful student.

Finally, I would like to thank my administrative staff, support staff, central office personnel, school board members and supportive community members that have made Campbell County High School an academic success story. To everyone involved I offer heartfelt thanks.

Robbie Heatherly

CCHS Principal