LETTER: New flag flying high in Jacksboro

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 To the editor: 

I’d like to express appreciation to Tom Hatmaker, LaFollette Tree Service for his help. This past week he removed and replaced a damaged and badly soiled U.S. flag at the Shell service station on the four-lane in Jacksboro, just west of LaFollette’s city limits. For some time the flag had been dangling by a single connection on a really tall flag pole in front of the station. In a recent conversation with the business owners, they remarked that they had no idea of who to contact to remove the flag.  

I contacted Tom, explained the problem and asked if he would help. His immediate reply was, “Sure, just have them call me when they’ve got a new flag and I’ll stop by, take down the old one and put up a new one.”  

I’m happy to say the new one is now in place.  


Ferne Baxter