Letters to the Editor

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Children’s Center provides gifts to more than 100 families

To the editor:

The Campbell County Children’s Center would like to thank the community for its support during the Christmas holiday.

Many individuals and organizations worked diligently to ensure that children in need would have a merry Christmas. Because of the support and donations of caring people, the Center was able to provide Christmas gifts to 107 children and meals to more than 100 clients and their families.

Tracie Davis and staff

Campbell County Children’s Center


Newcomers say Tennessee openly

embraces ‘freedom of religion

To the editor:

As newcomers to Tennessee, I have to admit that we have been concerned about the poverty and lack of good paying jobs in the LaFollette, Caryville and Jacksboro areas.

For a while, we even wondered if we had made the right decision to move to this area.

Let me tell you, we have definitely made the right choice! I am so proud to be part of a community that practices its Christianity openly and does not discriminate against anyone’s right to practice their faith.

Any “Freedom FROM Religion” groups in this area are kind enough to remember that this country was founded for the purpose of Freedom OF Religion.

We came from Michigan where atheists are forever attempting to remove God from our lives.

They claim to be offended by hearing the name “Jesus.” They are offended by public prayer. They are offended by Christmas hymns and nativity scenes.

It is inspiring to hear folks discussing Sunday’s sermon in restaurants, repeating their pastor’s words while in line at the grocery store, the live nativity displays that are so well attended.

To see the words “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” over the four lane into LaFollette makes me smile, and I have seen more than one nativity display throughout the area.

I am also proud to be part of a group of four different faiths who will be singing at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic church on Sunday at 4 p.m.

It has been wonderful to meet with the choirs of these different churches to find that as Christians, we are all singing praise to the same God — the same baby Jesus, the same Lord and savior. The foundation of this country was based on freedom of religion.

Take that away and the foundation will crack.

And then what?

Diana McCracken


Press right to name Tidwell hero; wrong to publish ‘potty’ piece

To the editor:

I’m glad to see Mark Tidwell has received your “Unsung Hero” of the year but am puzzled and sad that his column is no longer in your paper. It was always well-written and very interesting.

I am also quite turned off by your assistant editor’s attitude in his column this week with his bragging about his gutter mouth and inability to keep from swearing.

It is a bad reflection not only on him, but on the editor and the newspaper as well.

Ward Funk