Letters to the Editor Feb. 10, 2011

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LaFollette Press:

Thanks to your article entitled, "Citizen asks town board to stop neighbor from building" in issue dated Dec. 23, 2010 my husband and I (Tom and Darlene Boyd) learned where our neighbors had went before Caryville's Town Board to ask us to stop building stating we were building on their land per Wayne Wilson speaking on behalf of his father at the meeting.  At the time the article dated Dec. 23, 2010 was delivered our open carport and 12 x12 storage building at the end was already completed. The electricians came on Christmas Eve and completed the wiring of lights, etc.

Second, our property had been surveyed and we have proof where our property lines are and would not and did not build on their land per our survey. The building inspector (Nelson Kidd) new about the plans for open carport/storage room from the beginning before he gave us a permit to build.  e approved everything and came during the process to see how everything looked and was very impressed with the contractor's work.

We did attend the Caryville Planning Commission on Jan. 6 at 6 p.m. where they could not help Wayne Wilson speaking for his father wanted to know where to go next and they suggested he take it before the Caryville Zoning Board which was made up of the same panel. This board met Feb. 3 where the Inspector defended his permit and stated he personally felt that the addition to our home not only improved our home but also added value to Mr. Wilsons home. Our attorney, Terry Basista asked Wayne Wilson did he have a copy of his parent’s survey where he replied no, but we had ours with us.

In closing, we want to thank the Press for bringing this to our attention (since we subscribe) otherwise we would have no idea that Mr. Wilson was going before the town board claiming we built on their property when in actuality we didn't. So for that, we thank you for keeping all areas of the county updated on what is going on in their own little city. 

Tom and Darlene Boyd




LaFollette Press:

Press Editor Susan Sharp is right on the money in her column concerning the   recent hiring of a new Chief of Police in LaFollette. Political appointments and loyalties come and go quicker than elementary school love affairs. But, can have lasting effects on communities.

My hope is that the new chief is able to withstand the pressures of the new job from whatever side of the law they come and perhaps bring the city's police officers at least a modicum of respect.

The number of officers being killed on the job has increased sharply this year, and maybe many of those officers would still be alive if their departments and others around the country had better reputations and better public relations practices.  The job is far too dangerous to be compounded by a public that doesn't feel they are being looked out for.

As far as looking outside the county, I know one of the candidates who made it all the way to the interview process to become chief of the Knoxville Police Department, but, he has a lifetime of deep and loyal roots in this community that must have been ignored.

I wish the new chief his best again, because the city can set the tone for the entire county.

While we are discussing hiring from outside the county, perhaps there is one cautionary note, the past two directors’ of schools have been hired from outside the county.

Unfortunately, we have all seen how well that worked out.

Rex Hickey




LaFollette Press:

"I Hate Meth" though it has never effected me or my family...yet. I hear
many folks complain about it and I read about many arrests related to it.
    Two young men started a campaign in this county to raise awareness about
Meth, how it affects people and what we as a community can do to help reduce
the massive manufacture of meth. Poised for a big turnout, room for 2,000 plus

Total visitation I estimate was maybe 150.

 I was there from 5:15 p.m. until it ended, and how many public elected
officials did I see you ask, one.  Dennis Powers,  Mike Starrett were
there most all night, I heard that the county mayor stopped by to drop off
some pamphlets and I heard even the sheriff stopped in for a few minutes.
    However I do not blame them as much as I blame my fellow residents of
Campbell County.   If we the people want to "clean up" our community then we
need to unite and fight back against this common enemy.

 Lt. B. Elkins CCSD was there most all night, the Pinecrest Fire Dept.
Chief,  a wonderful gentleman in a wheelchair,  WVLT and WBIR, Sweet Baby
Ray's Karaoke and even a live band was set up in the Gym and Mack Daddy's
Bar-B-Q were all there.

Apparently talk is cheap and effort is too hard for too many, here in
Campbell County.

Micheal Zavasky