Letters to editor June 16, 2011

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LaFollette Press,

As chair of this year’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Campbell County, I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support. Twenty- six teams joined in this year’s Relay for Life and raised $63,000 to help save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures and by fighting back.

Over 50 survivors walked the opening lap and inspired those currently battling cancer, while our luminaria ceremony reflected the community’s warmth and caring for those who are no longer with us.

I would also like to thank the many Relay for Life volunteers, committee members and teams who worked to make this year’s event a success.  And we certainly want to thank our corporate sponsors for their support, which made all of this possible. Those are Grace Rehabilitation; BC Bonding; Springs Boat Dock; LPL Investments; St. Mary’s Medical Center; Ayers LP; Powell Clinch Utility; LaFollette Utilities; First Volunteer Bank; ORNL Federal Credit Union; Linda Kilgore State Farm; city of Caryville; American Trust Bank of Tennessee; Home Federal Bank; Martin Wilson Funeral Home; Community Trust Bank; Peoples Bank of the South; LaFollette Press; WTNQ 104.9 Q Country and First of Campbell County.

I would also like to reveal the following team winners:

Best Campsite: Community Health of East Tennessee; Spirit Award: Coolidge First Baptist Church; Spirit Award: Grace Missionary Baptist Church-the only team to stay overnight with 17 of their 30 teammates walking the track all night; Top School Team-LaFollette Middle School-raised $6592; Top Church-Grace Missionary Baptist Church-raised $5555.55 in their first year of participation!

The Top Overall Fundraising Team was Wal-Mart who raised $9749 in its first year of participation!


Robin Proffitt/Maria Hooks


Campbell County Relay for Life

American Cancer Society



LaFollette Press:

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Lonas Young White Bridge park clean-up. We had 81 volunteers including the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Litter Control, County Mayor William Baird, LaFollette City Mayor Mike Stanfield, Missy Stiner and all the girl scouts, Bernard Crow, his workers and trash trucks, I Hate Meth, Toby, John, Mike Weaver XRRA Racing, Ohio River 4 Wheel Club, David Owens, Knoxville, and special thank you to Ronald Longmire, his crew and use of his bobcat. Together we cleaned up 56 bags of litter, 1,120 lbs of litter by bridge on Demory Road, 17 needles and two meth material sites.

Glennis Monday




LaFollette Press:

State Representative Dennis Powers recently wrote an editorial in which he enthusiastically supports and defends the recent assault on Tennessee Teachers by the state legislature. House Bill 111 is a shameful attack on the right of educators to collectively bargain. As a member of the Education Committee, Mr. Powers’ duty is to safeguard and advance the rights of children and educators, not take them away.

In one of his ironically titled “We the People” columns, he spends a disingenuous amount of time praising teachers for all their hard work but then proceeds to defensively explain why he supports this anti-teacher law.

Over 30 years ago, Tennessee teachers won the right to negotiate over their wages, benefits, and working conditions. Without a union, they cannot meaningfully participate in the decisions that affect their livelihoods. Unionized teachers effectively organize themselves into organizations that advocate for higher standards in their profession. Without the right to collectively bargain, local school boards can arbitrarily and capriciously change any aspect of their employment.

According to a recent report in ‘the Economist’, the few states without collective bargaining for teachers rank 44th, 47th, 48th, and 49th in ACT test scores. Mr. Powers is determined to add our state to that list. In Tennessee, teachers pay is ranked behind 31 other states. Taking their right to collectively negotiate with local school boards will certainly cause pay to plummet even further. Slashing the pay and benefits of teachers will also discourage new college graduates from entering the field.

It is quite obvious that Dennis and his anti-union colleagues are using this bill to promote their political agenda. By weakening unions, they are hoping to inhibit workers ability to advocate for themselves. By taking away their ability to successfully lobby and make political contributions, they are hoping to cripple organized labor. Unfortunately, our children and those who faithfully serve our communities are the ones who will suffer. 

Attacking the rights of teachers is bad for teachers, bad for students, and bad for Tennessee. 

David Marlow




LaFollette Press:

The Campbell and Claiborne County Shriners would like to thank all the generous citizens of these counties for their tremendous support during our paper sale drive for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals.

We want to thank Wal-Mart and Lowe’s for allowing us to sell papers at their store and the city of LaFollette and Harrogate for allowing us to set up road blocks. We also want to thank all the local businesses who contributed to our paper sale fund.

If you know of any child that needs help for orthopedic, cleft-palate, neuromuscular disorder or burn problems please call 1-800-237-5055 or see a local Shriner for help. All care provided at Shriners hospitals is free of charge.

Thanks again for all your help.

Respectfully yours,

Charles McDaniel




LaFollette Press:

I want to add my name as a Bible believing Christian which am outraged at the thought that TVA is even discussing. The problem of allowing a marina and beer joint across the lake from the missionary camp.

This land was set aside by another TVA in the past had in the heart of their directions at that time to think about adding to the problem of drunken boat operators on the lake, they were people that set aside a certain land under direction of faith, but all of a sudden we need more speed boat operators and ultra high speed boat roaring up and down the lake.

Can TVA even consider another noise making at the only place for people to set and fish at Heatherly’s point.

The missionaries hold campfire to teach young people and old alike to sing praises to our Lord and savior and I can’t understand the silence of all the denominators we have in Campbell County.

Can’t we have one place of peace, one soul saved and eternal life than the ten thousand beer joints on the lake.

I urge TVA to follow the wisdom of another generation and say “no” and give one spot on the lake to peace and salvation to young people that are plagued with meth and other destructive plagues on our nation’s young people. As well as noise pollution.

Churches wake up stand up for your brothers and sisters that are in the same battle that you are fighting for and that is the news of Jesus Christ. I have attended these meetings and I was blessed. I can’t understand how even this agenda could even be brought before the commission.

The question is what do we need with another marina? Is there a dire shortage of I don’t so think residents now in the future would say no.

John Young