letters to editor June 23, 2011

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LaFollette Press,

I want to thank Sandy Day of Sandy’s Custom Auto for the work he and his staff recently performed on the county’s DARE car. The wrap that can now be seen on the car was donated, as was the labor, by Sandy, his family and his staff.

As our DARE program looks to start its second year this will be an added bonus for the students.

Sheriff Robbie Goins




LaFollette Press:

My rescue officially became a 501c3 organization and corporation in Tennessee July, 2009. All donations are tax deductible by the IRS guidelines. The organization is register to solicit donations with the State of Tennessee.

There are puppies and two cats for adoption at this time. The fee for cats is waived while I am working with FreshStep.  On July 15, I will have an adoption event at Tractor Supply for Petfinder's 15th  birthday.  On Aug. 6,  I will participate in Tractor Supply's Adoption Event.  It will be at the Oak Ridge store.

We are in need of help, especially, to enclose our metal carport purchased for this purpose. If you see that you can or want to help, the items below are what is needed:

1)  Gift cards from Lowe's for the building supplies (treated lumber for the floor, flooring, wire for individual areas, siding, etc.) 

2)  Gift cards at Tractor Supply for dog food.

3)  Gentle Leader Head Collars with Leash

4)  Toys and treats.

Please contact Virginia Harvell at 423-784-1954 and leave a message.  You may also contact me on my cell which is a toll call 423-327-4954.

Virginia Harvell




LaFollette Press:

Campbell County Churches seem to have gone into the 'quiet mode' on Sundays.

"Let us be quiet and assemble so..."

But, have you noticed on Sundays...it's "quiet?"

Why?--I pondered.

Psalms-98:4-- Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth, make a loud noise,

and rejoice, and sing praise. (KJV) (notice that word 'loud?')

Church bells--What happened to our church bells?

Does your church have a bell?

If so, why are you not ringing it as your congregation assembles to worship the Lord?

Psalms-100:1--Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. (KJV)

Let us ring those bells once again throughout our county!

Calling in the sheep.

And perhaps, just perhaps some wandering soul may

get curious and enter there in.

Psalms--96:6-- Honour and majesty are before him: Strength and beauty are in his


God Bless,


Linda Jones-Kimberlin




LaFollette Press:

The Campbell County Cancer Association extends sincere appreciation to everyone for a most  successful fund raising event at Hazel’s Hair Styles and Stuff on June 4. Over $16,600 was raised in the Hazel’s and Case Knife Show sponsored event.

Special thanks to Hazel Burchfield and her staff and clients and the many volunteers who worked so tirelessly in the fundraiser. Thanks to Terri Alley and the Case Knife staff for all their work toward the event.  

Case Knife donated the proceeds from two special knives that were auctioned during the day.  A special treat during the day, was a bluegrass performance by Eddie Sweat and Friends. The Cancer Association is very grateful for their outstanding musical contribution. A special thanks to Cliff Jennings who did an outstanding job as the auctioneer for the live auction.  Also, thanks to all who assisted Cliff. 

Thanks to all the area businesses and individual citizens who donated to the event.  Most especially, thanks to everyone who shared so freely in many ways to assist cancer patients in Campbell County.


Clarence Lowe, Treasurer