Letters to the Editor Oct. 28

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LaFollette Press:

The LA Cruizers ninth annual car show at Campbell County High School was a huge success with many out of town visitors. 

We had 166 entries this year, plus around 40 cars from the LA Cruizers. This year’s show was in memory of Barney Ray Jr., one of the founding members of the LA Cruizers, who passed away three weeks prior to our show. He was a valued and active member who brought joy and laughter to every event. 

All of the money raised from the show goes to Christmas for Kids in Campbell County, with clothing, toys and fruit baskets for the elderly. A special thanks to all of our sponsors and individuals who made this year's show a great success. Thanks to everyone from the LA Cruizers.

James Brantley



LaFollette Press:

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the Art in the Park at Seargeant Park, on Saturday, Oct. 16.  A special thank you to Johnny Byrge and his staff from the city of LaFollette’s Parks and Recreation Department, Mayor Mike Stanfield and to Chief Gary Byrd’s staff at the downtown Fire Department for their assistance also.   

It was a huge success. We are excited that a portion of the proceeds of this venture will help the Campbell County Artists Association with the extension of the Appalachian Quilt Trail throughout Campbell County. We will be able to add to the 13 blocks we have installed on barns and structures throughout the County; and are becoming a huge draw for tourism.   

Our members were delighted with the weather and the turnout; they felt that we have succeeded in letting people know the amount of talent that is right here in our own back yard.

Everyone involved from the CCAA and those who attended said what a delightful backdrop in which to host the art works of our local community.  The park in and of itself has developed into a lovely area for community gatherings. 


Karen L. Cumorich, president

Campbell County Artist Association

LaFollette   Editor,

LaFollette Press:

I noticed in the last LaFollette Press editorial section when we were enlightened by an article on “Working Word.” Since the Liberals are calling the shots and Bush is long gone the blame has shifted to the world economy and technology has been enhanced to the point employees are no longer needed. However, the “other side” couldn’t resist a swipe at trickledown economics. I will have to agree that trickledown from borrowed money to fund entitlement programs have not worked well either.

Candidates who were Democrats before are now representing themselves as independents and conservatives. Personally, I would prefer a representative who is creative enough to fire an unloaded gun over a bulldozer operator or community organizer.

Everette Goins

Jacksboro  Editor,

LaFollette Press:

The members of the Campbell County Lions Club wish to thank everyone who contributed cash and eyeglasses during White Cane Day on Oct. 9.

Due to your generosity, over $1,000 was collected to support nine service programs for those with vision and hearing difficulties and 144 pairs of glasses were recently delivered to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center for sorting, cleaning, prescription identification and shipping to developing countries.

Our members would also like to thank Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Food City and Food Lion for allowing us to operate White Cane Day at their locations.

Mike McDonough, president

Campbell County Lions Club

LaFollette  Editor,

LaFollette Press:

Some people don't understand the concept of the liquor by the drink vote. It is not to get the drinks into the town to get drunk, it's so we can have the extra revenue it will bring into a town that is at the least 50 years behind the rest of the world. I also don't understand how someone would fail as a Christian allowing the vote to pass. Most of the so called Christians would argue that drinking is wrong and evil. It says do not be a drunkard, which means do not drink to the point where you can't control yourself. But I invite anyone to show me where in the Bible it says a person can't have a drink.

If it was so wrong then why did Jesus turn the water into wine at the wedding?  Also there is talk that it is going to cost the city of Caryville so much money to tear down the old Caryville School and the Christmas Tree Inn. That is not true. The school does not belong to the city; it belongs to the county so the city has no say in what happens to the property. The city would also have nothing to do with the hotel because it is privately owned, that would be like them paying money to tear down one of your houses, it just wouldn't happen. 

Thank you. 

With all due respect,

Nina Stidham

Caryville Editor,

LaFollette Press:

Due to the recent robbery, the employees at your local Walgreens would like to take this time to extend our gratitude to our LaFollette City Police department, our Campbell County Sheriff’s department and to every fire and rescue department that responded. Without all their extreme efforts this man may not have been caught. They went above and beyond. All of these people working for us work hard to make our community a safe place, so that we may sleep easier at night. They went by the book and took every precautionary measure to keep the employees, customers and reporters safe.

Many of them are young and have chosen a career to protect and serve on a small salary. At anytime they could’ve given up on catching this man, but they didn’t. They chased after him for over two hours, determined that they would get him and still managed to work the accidents on the main road and also to keep us safe while we waited to return to work. Yes, you may say “That’s their job” but until you’ve actually seen them work and pull together as a team to say “We got him” and at the end of a very long day…a job well done is what they need to hear. That’s exactly what we want to tell all of them now. Thank you for choosing your job, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into that job and most importantly, thank you for taking such great care of us all. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to help us through that terrible experience.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Tony Huddleston. Thank Tony for stopping in everyday just to check on us, it means a lot.


Melody Vinsant and

the entire staff of Walgreens