Letters From the Nest for week of NOvember 8, 2012

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Christie Elkins

In All Things Foreign and Domestic

I will never forget the day that we invited our 44th president into the White House. I had only one child at the time, Eden, and although small, I wanted this memory to be imprinted in the heart of my American girl. As we prayed for our friends and family at night, I knew we needed to add this man and his family to our requests to God, for he was the newest leader of our nation, and would be in office during many critical years of Eden’s life. I turned on the television, and as every news station was broadcasting the event, I began to imagine what a difficult and taxing position being the president of the United States must be. The responsibility, the decision making, the beating of the heart of your family at each wrong or right choice: a role not unlike that of a mother. Therefore, I have prepared my policies accordingly, all things foreign and domestic, and hereby present them to you:
In response to my domestic policy:
* I will prepare our home as a safe haven for family, friends, church, or simply someone that needs to be loved and hear the word of our Lord. Striving to create a warm, hospitable atmosphere, we will welcome the tired, the hungry, the lost, the saved in to our humble abode and serve them all equally with dignity and kindness. My hope is that everyone who enters our home will look forward to returning and know that God’s love is present.
* I will be a good steward of what God has bestowed upon our family and try not to complain when the carpet is stained or the furniture is chipping, and keep my mouth closed when it is a little chilly in the winter or when I find a giant cricket in the den. For each stain tells a story of a cup of spilled juice when she took her first steps, and each chip in the coffee table where my husband put his feet up after a long, exhausting day of work.
* Creating a day full of little surprises and wonder is what I want my children to remember as they grow into young men and women. Though outings or extravagant family getaways are few and far between, I know that leaving the fast paced career world and the lofty paycheck it provided is no match for a day snuggled under a warm blanket decorated with pigs, reading our favorite story and counting to 10.
In response to my foreign policy:
* We will become sowers and planters: not of a literal sense, but of the Biblical precept of reaching the lost. Our family will follow the Great Commission to the best of our ability, taking the word of God to the corners of our city, county, country, and world. We will study scripture and pray for wisdom and understanding, so that we can better explain the Word to a lost and dying world.
* I will pray for a greater sense of contentment in my heart, that while I long to travel to unknown worlds and spread the love of God, He called our family to stay, and I will swallow my sinful selfishness and understand that the lost are at the park, the zoo, and the mall play area, and my child can assist me in showing love to those who are crying out for a Savior just as hard as those in a foreign land.
*We will take advantage of the mode of transportation with which God has blessed us, one that can transport newcomers from a lonely night at home and introduce them to a church family that loves the Lord and craves His word. We will consider this our way of shepherding the sheep into the doors of God’s home and exposing them to the Truth. Any imperfections to our transportation should not embarrass us, but know that it makes us more real to others.

As I conclude the declaration of my parental policies, I look back at the last four years and wonder what will happen when the next Presidential hopeful takes his place in the White House. Times are changing, our family is growing, but our love of God and country remains the heartbeat of our home.