Little Jacob

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By Jason Bolton

This past weekend, we welcomed the arrival of my nephew, Jacob Isaiah McCullah.

He is doing great and my sister is on cloud nine headed for cloud number 100.

With the arrival of Jacob, we now have four arrivals in our family this year.

We’ve welcomed a niece, a soon-to-be brother-in-law, a Boston terrier, and a partridge in a pear tree. In fact, I am rather jealous of my little nephew because he’s got more hair on his head than I do.

As I looked at his precious little face, I witnessed his innocence and joy. Jacob’s not aware that he entered the world at a time where the future of this country is so questionable. In a way, I thank God he doesn’t know all this stuff yet. In fact, if it were up to all of us in my family, he, and my nieces Angel and Chariot would stay little forever.

While I know that will never happen, I hope they at least stay young-minded forever. In fact, none of us should ever grow up. I’m learning these lessons everyday, especially when I bake brownies and watch a good movie in my PJ’s and fuzzy animal houseshoes.

How many of us take time to appreciate something as small as a rainbow, a harvest moon, or the first snowfall?

When we were children, we certainly did. Now, we’ve become so preoccupied with other things that it’s hard for us to focus on things that used to take our breaths away. I’ll bet some of you didn’t put a Christmas tree up; not because you didn’t have the means, but because you thought it was too childish to do so.

This winter, make some hot chocolate, drag out your fuzzy slippers and pop in a good Christmas movie, or build a snowman during a huge snowfall.

In fact, walk around your neighborhood and admire the Christmas lights; or do something that seems crazy and go sledding down a huge hill with your kids. The possibilities to a stress-free life are quite endless if we do just these things I have mentioned.

Always remember that the day you grow up is the day you act upon it.

And to think, all this came from a precious newborn baby.

Welcome to the world, little Jacob. You’ve not been in the world a week and you’ve already taught us well.