LiveWell offers upcoming cooking class

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By Natasha LaFayette



Put a little spice in your life and a pep in your step with LiveWell’s upcoming cooking class.

On Feb. 12 and 19, at 6 p.m., LiveWell and Jellico Community Hospital are offering a cooking class to anyone interested in learning how to cook healthier meals.

The class will be held at the Jellico Seventh Day Adventist church school gym.

Though these recipes offer healthy alternatives, they are affordable and easy to make.

The evening will feature cooking demonstrations.

Aromas of steaming vegetables, spices and sweets will fill the room, as participants taste test each dish. Event organizers remind participants to come hungry.

“Different foods will be offered each night,” said LiveWell spokesperson Kerri Boone.

Participants can come either one or both nights and get even more healthy cooking recipes.

The classes focus on foods for diabetics, lowering calorie intake and lowering blood pressure with use of whole foods and plant based recipes.

A minimum of four courses will be served from appetizers, daily snack ideas, entrees and dessert.

“Some nights we might have two salads or two entrees,” said Boone.

LiveWell is a non-profit organization that started in 2005 out of a doctor’s office. Doctors refer many participants in the LiveWell program as an additional treatment to medical care.

For more information and to preregister for the classes call 784-4170.