Lloyd appears in criminal court

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By Susan Sharp

  James Lloyd probably won’t be getting any babysitting jobs.

On Tuesday he was arraigned for child neglect, simple possession of marijuana, simple possession of drug paraphernalia.

He will appear in court again next month.

Lloyd’s legal issues arose in early December 2011. Just weeks before Christmas, a child that was to be under his supervision was found wandering the downtown LaFollette streets.

LaFollette Police Officer Stephen Wallen arrived at the John Brown Insurance Agency after receiving the reports that a toddler was wandering around in the street in front of the building.

The little girl was later determined to be the daughter of John and Melissa Chase.

After nearly two hours of searching for the parents or other relatives of the child officers learned her uncle, James T. Lloyd, 54, lived in a trailer at 114 N. 5th Street.

A female at the home allegedly told Wallen she didn’t know anything about the missing child. Records indicate Lloyd came to the door and appeared to have just woken up. He allegedly attempted to close the door when he spotted Wallen on the porch.

Lloyd asked where the missing child was when officers questioned him. Wallen’s report said Lloyd told him she had just been sleeping in the bed next to him. The officer asked Lloyd to show him where he had last seen the child. Inside the residence officers encountered three other adults who were in their pajamas and appeared to have just woken up. All three allegedly stated they had no idea there had been a child in the house or that she had left.

Lloyd allegedly reported the child’s mother had dropped her off earlier that morning for him to watch while she went to court. He said the child had laid down in the bed with him and his girlfriend.

Lloyd contended he had no idea she had gotten up and left the home, reports said.

According to Wallen’s report, he detected a strong smell of marijuana in Lloyd’s bedroom. Sgt. Joe Brown deployed K-9 Dino in the room and a partially smoked marijuana cigarette was found as well as a straw, pill grinder and homemade pipe.