Local youth Leaders to host Disciple Now for teens

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The third weekend in March, 100s of teenagers will gather for the second annual Disciple Now event.
“The whole gist of the weekend is to give them (youth) three services,” said Shane Carney, youth pastor at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church. “It’s really to help grow the kids that are in the local (churches), help them grow deeper in their walk with Christ.”
This year, Disciple Now’s theme is ‘Exchange.’ It is based on Mark 8:37, which says, “For what can a man give in return for his soul?” (English Standard Version).
Over 200 youth from about 15 churches are registered to attend so far, Carney said.
“That’s more than we had last year,” said Rhonda Wallace, member of IABC.
Disciple Now will be held on March 22 and March 23 at LaFollette Church of God.
NASCAR Chaplain Christian Chapman will speak at the sessions and music group Brightgray will lead worship. Chapman was the speaker last year and Brightgray led worship last year.
The purpose for the event is to disciple youth by “educating them about Biblical principles,” and “getting them out being the hands and feet of Jesus,” Carney said. To accomplish these purposes, three services will be held at LaFollette Church of God, and the teenagers will participate in mission projects in the community.
Youth leaders want to have the teenagers out in the community, Carney said. Participating in service projects will motivate them to serve on their own, and be “the hands and feet of Jesus,” Carney said.
Youth will learn Biblical principals during the sessions, and will have the chance to engage in mission’s projects in the community on Saturday afternoon.
The first session will be held Friday night at 7 p.m. The second session will be held on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m.
“After the morning (session), we’ll have a quick lunch (for) the kids and chaperones and send them out (in the community) to be the hands and feet of Jesus,” Carney said.
The youth will engage in ministry projects from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Wallace is organizing mission projects for Disciple Now.
“It’s basically the same thing we did last year,” Wallace said. Wallace is organizing the mission’s projects.
Teenagers from the different youth groups will be divided into different teams, and sent with chaperones to engage in projects at 16 locations in the community.
“There’s so many people willing to come and chaperone these kids,” Wallace said.
Projects include activities such as mulching and painting. Locations include Rainbow Acres, LaFollette Nursing Home, LaFollette Middle School, Jacksboro Middle School, Campbell County High School Valley View Elementary School and the Teen Pregnancy Center.
Youth visited many of these locations for mission projects last year during the first Disciple Now event.
“They were all eager to have us back,” Wallace said. “A lot of the same places have a lot of the same needs this year because it’s springtime needs.”
After the youth finish the ministry projects, they will eat dinner. The final worship service will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday.