Loving someone regardless

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By JE Bolton

This past week, I was walking through the woods. There’s nothing in my opinion more peaceful than the outdoors. Trust me, if you ever want to leave the real world behind, take a trip into the realms of nature and explore God’s great big universe.

I walked deeper into the woods and noticed a tree standing from a distance. It was beautiful and appeared so full of life. However, it wasn’t until I got closer to it that I began to see the flaws and imperfections it previously had.

It had vines wrapped around it, a few dented places where someone had attempted to chop it down, and enough old roots that made it appear to look very different than it did when I first saw it in a previous light.

Suddenly, the tree was less appealing to me than it was before. I turned and walked away, determined to find another marvelous mighty piece of nature to admire.

Come to think about it, isn’t that how we are sometimes toward others?

We see someone from a distance, look at them at first as though their life is perfect, and welcome them into our circle of friends with open arms. When we get too close and see where they’ve come from, we then want to run in the other direction because they no longer set well with us.

I’m sure there are things in all our pasts that someone could easily shame us for and even slap a scarlet letter on.

If you haven’t spoken to a friend or family member in a while because they’re going through too much for you to handle or help, call them up anyway. All they need sometimes is to hear the words, “I love you.”

If someone hasn’t shown up to your place of worship for a few weeks, instead of viewing them as being unfaithful or spiritually defective, call them up and check on them. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives.

If you’re afraid to love or befriend someone because of what the majority thinks, just remember that there’s only one person you have to answer to when you leave this life, and I don’t remember His name being the names of those who’d talk about you even if you did everything they wanted you to do.

Remember, my dear readers, respect one another and look beyond the pasts of others who are trying to live again. Judgmental people will never change; but by loving  others who never receive love and acceptance because of their pasts, you’re showing the world that it may change, but you never will.