LPD: Man filled up Solo cups with marijuana

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By Beth Braden

A LaFollette man was arrested after police say he was growing marijuana plants in Solo cups.
LPD officer Susan Sowder was dispatched to the LaFollette Housing Authority on April 19 to check an apartment for illegal substances. Sgt. Brian Tiller and Det. Monty Miller also responded.
Justin James Marlowe, 19, 122 Circle Drive Apt. M-3, was read his rights and reportedly permitted the officers to search his apartment.
A glass pipe and a 20-gauge model shotgun were allegedly found in the living room closet of the apartment. Under the bed, police reportedly found six Solo cups with potting soil, water and marijuana seeds. Two of the cups had 2-inch high green, leafy substances. Allegedly, there was a plate with a wet paper towel and six more marijuana seeds under the bed. Two of the seeds had sprouted, according to police. A grinder was also found in the bedroom.
In an exterior closet, police reportedly found more Solo cups and a bag of Miracle Grow seed starter.
Marlowe was arrested and charged with cultivating marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.