LUB plans for TVA rate decrease

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By Charlotte Underwood


At Tuesday night’s LaFollette Utilities Board (LUB) meeting, Utilities Manager Kenny Baird briefly discussed the recent Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) fuel adjustment decrease.

“It’s good for us and our rate payers,” said Baird.  The decrease will equal out to around three-percent on a 1,000 kilowatt bill.  This will be an average of $3.10 off per 1,000 kilowatts, according to Baird.

This fuel cost adjustment basically cancels out last October’s increase, as TVA continues to take into account the fluctuating costs of fuel.

Board members also discussed bids to paint the East End water tank. 

“We had it in our budget this year to clean and paint the East End tank,” said LUB Manager Kenny Baird.  Sixty-five thousand dollars was set-aside in the budget to rehab the East End and Pinecrest tanks.  He explained that occasional refurbishment of the water tanks was a state requirement.

Three companies placed bids on the job.  Caldwell Tanks placed the highest bid at $38,900.  Planet, Inc. was the next highest bid at $28,900, and  Brown Painting placed the lowest bid at $24,540.

“We’ve done business with Brown Painting before and based upon our experience with them, I recommend we accept their bid,” Baird said.

Board members agreed and the vote to accept the bid from Brown Painting was unanimous.

Before the meeting was adjourned Baird informed the board that he was preparing a budget to discuss with them as the fiscal year ends on June 30.

“I hope to have a rate proposal to put before the city council by July,” Baird said.