Making a bad situation worse

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By Susan Sharp

A few weeks ago I wrote a column about making choices and living in glass houses.

As the events surrounding the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department unfolded last week those words have resonated with me.

And even with the details that have been released we still don’t have all of the information from that night. Despite this Jonathan Finley and Jason Henegar have already been charged, tried, convicted and punished by a great number of people.

Shame on those of you who have done this.

Henegar and Finley are good men who both have families and children who have bore witness to some of this maligning behavior. Above that these men are good officers. And yes I am well aware of the verb tense I am using. Henegar and Finley remain police officers- they still have their credentials.

Did they make some bad decisions? Was their chaos on Imperial Heights Lane on Sept. 6? We don’t know because all of the facts in the case haven’t come to light yet.

But if these two made some bad choices that doesn’t make them bad men. It makes them human. That is something many people have forgotten in this situation. We are all human prone to mistakes and the consequences there of. But because they are police officers are they held to a higher standard?

Yes they are.

Because of that Sheriff Robbie Goins doled out the penalties he believed fit the circumstances. He has said this wasn’t an easy conclusion for him to reach. I am sure it wasn’t.

The departure of Finley and Henegar has left a huge hole in the staff at the CCSD. Finley brought a number of skills to the table, as did Henegar. Both men had a knack for performing the jobs they were charged with. Replacing them won’t be easy.

This situation is a nightmare at best.

But it has been compounded by rumors, innuendos, unnamed sources and spinelessness people hiding behind computer screens. While there have been some awful things said I can assure you these two men have been harder on themselves than anyone else could be.

It is their lives this happened to. The rest of us have only been bystanders to it.

And for those of you who want to say I am taking their side- go ahead. But you are wrong. I am not taking anyone’s side because this is a sad event where there are no winners and no losers. Just human beings whose lives will never be the same.