Man face extortion charges

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By Charlotte Underwood

After committing a crime nearly four months ago, a Pioneer man helped himself get caught after parking in a tow away zone.

On Sept. 29, Jellico Police Officer Jeff Ivey was dispatched to Baptist Street to check on a vehicle parked in a tow away zone, according to a Jellico Police report.

Ivey was preparing to have the vehicle towed, when he ran a check on the license plates and it came back registered to Tommy G Worley, 22, of 6836 Highway 297, Pioneer.

As a result of the license plate check, Ivey learned that Worley had a warrant for his arrest filed by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department.

He had been charged with extortion.

The charges stemmed from a crime that allegedly took place on June 26, in which Worley attempted to extort an individual for $400, the arrest warrant said.

Worley’s brother had allegedly stolen a four-wheeler from someone. Worley then told the victim that if he paid him $400, then he would disclose where the four-wheeler was located, the warrant said.

After learning of the active warrant, Ivey was looking into the window of the vehicle, when he noticed the handle of a pistol was visible, the report said. Ivey saw Worley on the second floor of the Jellico Towers; he entered the apartment complex and came upon Worley in the hallway where he told him he was being detained, Ivey’s report said.

Ivey asked Worley why he had a pistol in his vehicle and Worley replied that he was taking it to his mother-in-law because it belonged to her. Worley stated that he did not have a carry permit for the weapon, the report said.

Worley was arrested and charged with extortion, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

He was held at the county jail on $2,500 bond until he was released on Sept. 29.