Mansour hit with malpractice suit

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By Jennifer Caldwell

A Campbell County doctor recently found himself accused of malpractice, according to a suit filed last Wednesday in circuit court.

In the complaint filed by Susan K. Johnson, she alleges that Dr. Ellie Mansour was negligent when he failed to diagnose her condition of “severely active chronic hepatitis.”

According to the filing, Johnson began seeing Mansour as her personal physician in 2004 and remained under his care until 2008. In October 2008 Johnson’s condition was discovered by another physician.

Through her counsel, Johnson contends that Mansour “breached the recognized standard of care of acceptable practice for a doctor of internal medicine” as a result of his alleged failure to diagnose Johnson’s condition despite her elevated liver function tests.

The complaint argues that Mansour’s alleged failure to provide a diagnosis for Johnson’s conditions caused suffering and injuries and she will likely “incur and undergo future medical treatment, including a likely liver transplant procedure.”

Johnson is asking for general and/or special damages allowed by law in a reasonable amount to be determined by a jury. She is also asking for a judgment to be entered against Mansour for all costs, including discretionary costs.