Marry me, Mommy

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“Do you remember that day?” he asked, eyes tired from the day and preparing to drift into dream land.
“What day?” I replied, anxiously awaiting the perfect moment to sneak out of the room.
“That day when you both looked different. You know, when you were fancy. And dressed up. And smiling. And had pretty hair.”
Searching the recesses of my mind for a moment, it clicked,
“Oh, you mean our wedding?”
“Yes!” he smiled. “Do you remember that day? You both looked so different. Tell me about that.”
“Well, once upon a time, I met your Daddy. We were friends, and he really liked me. And I thought he was super funny.”
“Then what happened?” he asked with a yawn.
“Well, he asked me to marry him. That means he wanted to love me forever.”
“I will love you forever, too”, he said, slightly defensive. “And I also want to live here forever.”
“Well, we stood there on that day and promised each other that we would never leave. And never stop loving. And never stop trying.”
“But, you look so different,” he said, almost asleep at this point.
“That day was the start to so many,” I explained, beginning to tire out myself. “The dress is now put away, the smiles are oftentimes tears, and my hair mostly stays pulled back so you and your brother don’t pull it. We do look different. But we don’t feel different.”
The room had reached an unusual calm as I tiptoed backward, using the soft glow of a Spiderman light as my guide.
Two down, one to go.
Just as my hand reached the cool knob, I heard him say in a whisper, “Marry me, Mommy. I want my wife to be beautiful, just like you.”
Son, you can live here as long as you want.

Christie Elkins is a Campbell County native whose columns appear weekly on the Lifestyles page of the LaFollette Press. She’s a mother of three and a full-time blogger at www.mywalkwitheden.com.