Mays trial moves forward

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By James Bolton

The trial of Bobby Keith Mays, who allegedly attempted to murder Jody Lee Currier just over a year ago began Wednesday.

It began with Natasha Gibson, Currier’s fiancé, at the time of incident being called as the first witness.

According to her, Mays shot Currier after he struck Johnny Broyles on the head with a piece of porch railing that he had taken from her car.

Gibson claimed that the blow was self-defense. She told the sparsely populated courtroom it knocked Broyles unconscious.

Mays then advanced on Currier and fired several shots, connecting with the last one, she testified, holding back tears.

As her testimony continued Gibson said she became involved in the ruckus, rushing at Mays trying to disarm him.

According to her, Mays accidentally struck her to the ground with the gun. At this point the other men at the bar detained him.

Gibson took Currier to a private residence and from there to Jellico Hospital, she said.

The prosecution focused on the possibility of Mays’ being drunk at the time.

“He started drinking after lunch and didn’t stop until he went to bed,” Gibson said. When asked if Mays was drunk, she said “I’d seen him worse, but….”

Gibson also said that she had been with Mays since about 9 a.m. that morning.

When Darryl Chapman of the Campbell County Sherriff’s Department was called as a witness, he also said of Mays, “I could tell that he had been drinking.”

Mays’s lawyer, Elizabeth Asbury, focused her questions for both witnesses on the alleged altercation between Currier and Broyles, asking why the police did not take the piece of porch railing as evidence.

The defense also focused on Currier’s alleged use of alcohol and marijuana.

The trial is slated to continue today.

Asbury said that Mays is set to take the witness stand.