Memoir, poetry book offers glimpse into eyes of authors

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A memoir and poetry book offer readers a glimpse into author Kenneth C. Drinnon’s life and soul and author Janis Bolton Drinnon’s heart and spirit. The two engaging books hope to inspire and touch people’s lives.
Author Kenneth Drinnon flies on the Wings of Tru Love in the pages of his biographical book. As a 19-year-old youth, he served in European combat with a Boeing B17G bomber crew as a ball-turret gunner during WWII.
He invites readers to accompany him as he makes lifelong friendships with his nine other crew members of the plane they named TRU LOVE. They face the perils of many near-death experiences during their odyssey of 34 combat missions. The 22 months of Army Air Force services, including the rigors of seven months of aerial combat experience where his crew survived many close calls that came their way, forever changed the point of reference as to what their minds, bodies and spirits were capable of accomplishing. In a real sense, they crossed over the invislbe chasm from boyhood to manhood and returned home-steeled with the knowledge that they could contently face their future.
This is the story of how a young man, barely out of high school during the Great Depression years, faces life-changing decisions to serve his country. Through his life in the Army Air Force, he finds himself in search of manhood and meaning to life and discovers what true camaraderie means.
He Is Real, author Janis Drinnon’s book of poems, brings forth a beautiful message of inspiration and hope through poetic verses. Because of the spiritual nature of these poems, it seems fitting to include Bible verses to augment its message. Her poetry lets readers discover that the heavenly father is only a prayer away. This offers a wonderful way of expressing thoughts concerning the world and allows readers to experience an awesome adjunct to the beauty and faithfulness of God’s Word.
“Despite the broad span of time reflected in this collection, the poems have a consistent, coherent style. All feature simple rhyme schemes, and although the meters at times seem a bit forced, it doesn’t substantially impair the collection as a whole. The basic rhymed couplets render the poems earnest and unpretentious and produce a collection with a sense of homegrown simplicity. The book will resonate most strongly with readers who share the author’s Christian faith — clearly the driving force behind these poems.
It’s a simple, heartfelt and often charming collection of religious poetry.”