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By Beth Braden

CAMPBELL COUNTY—Officers from the LaFollette Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office arrested six people in three separate methamphetamine-related incidents in the past week.

On Sunday, CCSO Deputy Josh Carroll was dispatched to a home in Pioneer after authorities received a tip about the potential manufacture of methamphetamine.

Joseph Dewayne Harmon, 29, 1522 Melton Hollow Lane, invited officers into an outbuilding on the property, according to police.

When Carroll began to process the scene, he recovered a gas generator and a one-pot lab, as well as several of the components necessary for cooking meth, according to reports. There was no methamphetamine on the scene, according to reports, but Harmon allegedly admitted to owning the lab and said he cooked meth several times each month to support his prescription pill problem.

Harmon was arrested and charged with initiation of the procedure to manufacture methamphetamine and felony possession of drug paraphernalia. This was his 17th booking at the Campbell County Jail.

On Saturday, officers with the LaFollette Police Department responded to reports of a man and woman entering a house quarantined because of previous meth activity.

Once at the scene, Officer Charles Duff realized the home had an open side window, reports indicated. Duff occupants to leave.

Britni Schwarz, 146 Cave Springs Road., LaFollette, then exited through the back door of the home. The home’s owner, Brian B Wilson, 314 E. Hemlock St., LaFollette, also exited the home and told police he wanted to get his piano from the house, according to reports.

Both suspects were decontaminated, arrested and charged with entering a quarantined home.

On Nov. 21, a traffic stop in LaFollette resulted in three meth-related arrests. Det. Lt. Monty Miller pulled over a Dodge Plymouth Neon near Triangle Lube on East Beach Street, according to reports. When the vehicle stopped, Jimmy Presnell, 27, 216 West Ave., Lafollette, jumped from the passenger side of the vehicle with a large bulge under his shirt and ran away on foot, records indicated. Another vehicle occupant, Randell Sloan, 48, 1010 W. Elm St., LaFollette, began yelling, “He’s crazy,” according to police.

Det. Josh Hill began pursuing Presnell who had dropped his allegedly active meth lab a short distance away. Also recovered were tubing, a black duffel bag, various tools, coffee filters, an electric grinder, aluminum foil and Drano, records indicated. All are items commonly used for making meth.

The vehicle, which belonged to Sloan, was found to have the wrong license plate, according to reports and Sloan was reportedly unable to show proof of insurance or ownership.

Sloan was arrested and charged with violation of registration, violation of Tennessee’s financial responsibility law and initiation of the procedure to manufacture methamphetamine. Presnell was charged with evading arrest, tampering with evidence and initiation of the procedure to manufacture methamphetamine. A third vehicle occupant, Cody R. Morgan, 21, 510 S. 13th St., LaFollette, was also arrested and charged with initiation of the procedure to manufacture methamphetamine.