Military Ball a success for the CCHS JROTC

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Saturday, April 20th, the CCHS JROTC Department held its annual Military Ball at the Pavilion in Cove Lake State Park.

Cadets, cadre and the JROTC Boosters spent numerous hours planning, coordinating and rehearsing in order to make this event a success. 

At 8 a.m., cadets and boosters started setting up for the ball at Cove Lake Pavilion. 

Once 9 a.m. came, so did the Military Ball dress rehearsal. As soon as that was complete, the decoration process continued. It was finished at 12:30 p.m. 

During the hour before the ball, cadets mingled and had their pictures taken by Mr. Gordon Flatt. 

At 6:30 p.m., Ryan Rutherford sounded the trumpet mess call to let everyone know it was time to walk through the receiving line before the supper meal. 

The line included, S-1 Officer Sarah Franzmann, Battalion Commander Nicholas Osborne, MSG Tierney, and LTC Salveson, along with their spouses/dates. 

As soon as cadets shook their final hand, they found their way to the dinner table. The color guard posted the colors and cadet Damien Guder said the pledge.

Jacob Jones recited the Cadet Creed, and Eli Seals blessed the meal with a brief prayer. 

After the dinner meal, LTC Salveson recognized special guests and cadets presented certificates of appreciation to Vanessa Dupuy’s Classy Threads and Catering and Party Boys DJ Show.

LTC Salveson then introduced Mrs. Sandi Wilson, an assistant principal at Campbell County High School, as a guest speaker. She spoke on what the JROTC Department meant to her, as well as to the school.

After a short intermission, the Honor Guard and Military Ball Court took their positions. 

Pairs of candidates from their respective fall and spring semester platoons took their place on the stage, after receiving flowers. 

The court waited anxiously as the MC, Michaela Thomas, read the winners: King Nicholas Osborne and Queen Sarah Franzmann. 

The queen and king shared the first dance, with all cadets and guests joining in. 

Overall, the military ball was a success. 

The CCHS Cougar Battalion would like to say thanks to all attendees, and a special thanks to the JROTC boosters. Without the Boosters, the ball would not be possible.