More details emerge from Jellico Fuelman card account

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By Beth Braden

Jellico is operating with 20 fewer Fuelman cards after findings from the comptroller.

“This came about because the comptroller pointed us in that direction,” said Jellico Mayor, Les Stiers. 

In mid-December, the town had 38 fuel man cards. That number is now at 18.

The town only has 20 employees.

Records from Jellico indicate on Dec. 12, there were 33 employees and 38 vehicles eligible to use Fuelman. By Dec. 20, that number was down to 16 employees and 19 vehicles.

The cards were “cut up with scissors,” according to the mayor.

Destroyed cards included those held by people that no longer worked for the town, or cards that were assigned to vehicles no longer owned by the town.

Alderman Alvin Evans was one of the individuals who previously had permission to use a Fuelman card, according to the report. Records indicate his card was issued Oct. 10, 2008, and last used on Sept. 14, 2011.

Evans said he hasn’t ever had a Fuelman card.

“I didn’t ever have one. I was the one that questioned why everybody had one,” he said. 

Evans also said it’s been years since he used a Fuelman card.

One of the cards was assigned to “vice mayor,” according to records.

Stiers declined to specifically name Vice Mayor Venita “Cissco” Johnson as the cardholder.

“Just want to leave it as vice mayor,” he said.

Records indicate the card was last used May 6, 2011. The card is also assigned to the police department, according to the roster.

“I have not had no fuel card,” Johnson said on Monday.

One card was deleted after a police officer was terminated from the department. Adam Jarboe, who worked with the Jellico Police Department for more than a year, was terminated on Dec. 26 as a cost-cutting measure, according to the mayor.

Alderman Tommy Bowlin has a Fuelman card because he is assigned to the sanitation department, Stiers said.

“He is out on the streets looking at pot holes, culverts, ditches. When we were widening streets, he was up there every day,” Stiers said. 


Individuals removed from Jellico’s Fuelman account

• Ronnie Lewis, last used card on 6/2/09

• Jeff Partin, last used card on 6/17/09

• Eddie Barton, last used card on 3/29/11

• Michael Johnson, last used card on 5/6/11

• Keith Blair, last used card on 7/12/12

• Mark Bell, last used card on 19/9/12

• Nelson Kidd, last used card on 8/30/12

• George Deuel, last used card on 6/14/12

• Larry Wilson, last used card on 4/14/11

• Alvin Evans, last used card on 9/14/11

• Preston Lambdin, last used card on 5/23/12

• William F. Baird, no record of the card ever being used; issue date Is 10/10/08

• Linda Douglas,  last used card on 11/23/12

• Adam Jarboe, last used card on 12/10/12

• Johnny Blankenship, last used card on 6/11/11

• Robbie Goins, last used card on 8/4/09

• Vice mayor, last used 5/6/11

• Alderman, last used 9/24/11

• City Recorder, last used 11/23/12


Vehicles removed from the Fuelman account

•  2003 Ford CVP, card last used 1/2/11

• 1995 Ford CRV, card last used 7/13/10

• 1994 Ford CRV, card last used 1/9/12

• 2011 Ford Crown Vic, card last used 1/28/12

• 2011 Ford Crown Vic, card last used 11/14/12

• 2003 Ford CVP Pool Car, card last used 1/18/11

• 1972 Ford Fire truck, card last used 10/25/11

• 1962 Ford F700 Dump Truck, no record of card use

• 1987 GMC 350 Dump Truck, card last used 12/10/12

• 1994 Ford F360 Dump Truck, card last used 1/3/12

• White Ford F250, card last used 7/21/08

• Ford F150, card last used 11/6/12


Miscellaneous removals

• Garage Department, card never used, issued on 8/29/12

• Veterans, card last used on 11/13/12

• City of Jellico, last used card on 10/7/12



Employees remaining on Jellico’s Fuelman account

• Chris Anderson

• James Hatmaker

• Wayne Conrad

• David Douglas

• Joe Hopson

• Jackie Richardson

• Gary Troxell

• Mark Bell

• Jerome Smith

• Brian Smith

• Tommy Bowlin

• Jeffery Ivey

• Jerry Lynch

• Michael Perkins

• Leroy Ruiz

• Ronnie Vanderpool

• Court clerk


Vehicles remaining on Jellico’s Fuelman account

• 2008 Ford Explorer 4x4

• 2003 Ford CVP

• 2003 Ford CVP

• 2003 Ford CVP

• 2011 Ford Crown Vic

• 2000 Freightliner fire truck

• 1995 Ford truck

• 1989 GMC 4x4

• 1975 Ford fire truck  

• 1973 Ford F600 Water Truck

• 1983 GMC 350 Dumptruck

• 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo drug car

• 2009 Black Crown Vic

• 2012 Chevy Tahoe

• Sanitation truck

• Sanitation truck



• One spare card