Mother accused of harming daughter appears in court

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By Susan Sharp

A LaFollette woman has resolved her pending criminal case by pleading no contest to charges she harmed her child.

Carol Longmire entered the plea in court on Monday that essentially said she was not admitting guilt but was not contesting the charge.

Initially charged with child abuse and neglect, Longmire’s charge was reduced to assault by offensive touching, the plea form said.

She was sentenced to six months unsupervised probation and ordered to pay court costs. Longmire is also to follow any directives given to her by the Department of Children’s Services, according to court records.

In August 2008, Longmire’s child was seen with her face covered in blood and an eye beginning to swell, court reports said.

The warrant later issued for Longmire’s arrest said she  allegedly grabbed her seven- year- old daughter by the hair, and sat on the child while striking her in the face with her hand several times.

The little girl later told witnesses “My mommy started hitting me and wouldn’t stop,” according to court records.

The injuries were discovered when the girl was returned to her biological father following a visit with Longmire.