From A Mother’s Heart - Celebrations of Love

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By Bea Wallen

Having special days that reminds us to love and be loved is so wonderful.

For the past several weeks, I have had more rare opportunities than usual, to really enjoy some quality time with some of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. One day in March, I took my little 3-year-grandson, Bryson with me to meet my daughter Patty at her house in Jacksboro. The three of us drove over to Knoxville Zoo where we met up with Patty’s daughter, Sandy, and her three children, Ava, 5-years-old, Aydin, 3-years-old, and Alex, 2-years-old.

The children were all excited to be together and knowing we were all going into the zoo to see all the animals. I can’t really express in words the joy I felt in my heart day, as I watched those four grandchildren run from one place to another to see the different animals. They were amazed at some of the animals especially the monkeys swinging back and forth, and the otters swimming around in the water.

They enjoyed playing around on an old truck that was there as much as anything else.

Three of them rode on the camel. They wore Mommy, Nana and Granny out that day, as well as themselves.

They went to sleep right after they got buckled in their seats for the ride home.

It was a great day of being together.

Then the Saturday before Palm Sunday I had another fun day with three more of my grandchildren. That day I was keeping Steve’s two little boys Westley, 5-years-old and Zakary, 4-years-old. Also Amanda’s son, Bryson, 3-years-old while their parents were working.

Steve’s girlfriend, Cheryl, helped me to take the three of them to an Easter egg hunt. They had refreshments, got candy and balloons and had pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Then they had the egg hunt and one of them found a $10 prize egg.

After that was over we took them to the mall parking lot. They each rode the ponies, then got inside the goat pen to play with the baby goats. They were fascinated with them. Then we cleaned up all those little hands and treated them with a cheeseburger and a snow cone.

Another great fun day to share love and joy with these wonderful precious gifts God has given to us.

These are gifts of Divine Love, that heals and restores me; keeps me alive, alert and enthusiastic about life.

Divine Love has its own rewards. For the more of this love we express, the more love we have to give. The more open we are to being loved, the more love we receive.

We communicate by how much we care for others and how thankful we are that they are part of our lives-not just on a special day but every day.

Joy flows forth as I continue to appreciate every aspect of my experience and everything I give to and receive from life.

It reads in I John 3:18 “Let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and truth.”

I am writing my article for this week on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. What a beautiful day this has been. My son Steve and Cheryl were at church with me this morning. Also, my son, John and his two sons, Cole and Gavin. What a blessing to be sitting between my two handsome sons in church on Easter morning.

Some of my other children were in church at other locations also. This was another celebration of love day. Our pastor, Jeff Armstrong, spoke on Mission Impossible.

He had a great sermon on the meaning of the resurrection. Even though the Chief Priests and Pharisees demanded that the stone over the tomb of Jesus to be sealed; the tomb or grave could not hold Him.

Praise God!

The angels didn’t have to remove the stone in order for Jesus to come out. It was removed only so that they who looked inside could see that His body was no longer there; only the grave clothes were left.

Jesus is alive! This was the message of the angel at Jesus’ empty tomb, and this is the testimony of every believing Christian. If Christ were not alive, there would be no purpose in our proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Christ lives to make good the promise of eternal life.

He has made to all who trust in Him for salvation. “What a glorious expression of love.” Please read I John 4: 9-10 about the love of God. As we rejoice in letting our loving Christ nature come forward more completely, we participate in a continual celebration of love.

In John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” While it is yet day-we should be doing the work in which we are called to do.

The night is coming when we can do no more. It should be every believers prayer; for the Lord Jesus, to give us a burning love, and compassion for souls, to lead some soul out of darkness to the light, out of bondage to liberty, to lead the wayward out of the darkness of this world to the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

When Jesus went to Heaven; he sits at the right hand of the Father to make intercession for us through our prayers. When we pray-He pleads our prayers to God for the answers. Our prayers are answered by God in His way and His timing. Jesus said-“He is the way” no one can come to the Father except by me.”

I thank God for His incredible gift of love and His plan that all who believe, and repent of their sins can have eternal life.

So once again I encourage you from my heart-spread love for one another-the world would be a better place.

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