From a Mother’s Heart -There can be hope for America

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By Bea Wallen

This past weekend we were at my daughter’s lovely houseboat on the lake where we had a birthday celebration for my great grandson Aydin who turned four years old on Aug. 12.

The children were all having so much fun together playing in the pool on the deck or sliding down the big water slide into the water. I really enjoyed watching the children play, and to see and feel their excitement as they enjoyed their afternoon together. As I watched them play, I also thought of how fast they are growing up. As a mother and grandmother, I am really concerned about our culture and how our nation is paving the way for their future. We hear so much from our leaders about reform, socialism and globalism, that I really fear for what the future will be for these precious children.

In a world of confusing decisions and clamoring options, the Lord is our one true thing. There can be no other way. “For the ways of man are before the Lord, and He examines every path he takes.” (Proverbs 5:21)

I know there are certain groups that are trying to suppress Christian and take away our rights of freedom of speech, and silence us on what we know as truth according to the Word of God. When you look into the “word” and come to know its Author, you can’t rely on your own understanding, but to ask the Lord to lead you into all truth for He is truth.

Our greatest dilemma in our nation is a spiritual downfall more than anything else. I believe in God, America and the family- I believe in Biblical morality, and any attempt to separate America from God is a betrayal to our Republic.

We have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools; but now I hear where these groups are aiding activist to go to our public schools and tell our children that homosexual behavior is not only okay, but good- and that two men living together is a “family.”

The result of this kind of guilt is found in Romans 2:2. “But we know that the judgment of God is according to the truth against those who practice such things.”

As Christians, should we not be angry that our children are being taught wrong and misleading values? And angry that court-approved abortion continues to kill more than a million babies every year in our country? These secular groups share in the same goals: to suppress Christians right to hear and speak the truth and to limit Christians right to hear and speak the truth and to limit Christian influence in our country. In the second book of Chronicles we can read the tragic story of how the nation of Judah neglected God. From time to time a good king would come to the throne, calling the people back to God. But over time several bad kings allowed corruption to come back into the nation to the point where God’s judgment was the only way to get the people’s attention. Each cycle of decay led the nation deeper and deeper into the debts of sin. Eventually the nation was conquered and the people were carried away into captivity. Does all of this sound familiar? A nation is honored and preserved through godly people. The surest way to destroy a nation is to compromise the character required of godly people. Ungodly people promote ungodly agendas, whether in church, business or government. We need to pray for our President and all our government leaders, for them to seek divine wisdom and leadership, and not allow our nation to become a completely secular nation.

There is a cure in (II Chronicles 7:14) “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

God has placed many of us in positions of leadership- in our homes, businesses, small groups, even our circle of friends. We should influence others to be followers of God rather than be influenced to fall away from him. As Christians, we need to work harder to hang on to our faith and hope. Hope that we can reclaim and restore our culture. Hope that our freedom to hear and speak the Truth of the Gospel will stay intact. Hope that our children will inherit a decent, not a decadent nation.

Once again, it’s time we get on our knees and ask God’s forgiveness and blessings for our nation. It is the only hope, that I can give you from my heart.