From a Mother's Heart

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By Bea Wallen

Joy can be found in the midst of cold snowy winters


Our Christmas morning snow was so beautiful; it was breathtaking. Something so rare for us here in East Tennessee. Then the snow we had during the second week in January seemed to stay with us longer than usual. Here where I live next to the mountain, we had snow on the ground for 12 days before it all melted.

The beauty of fresh fallen snow can be so breathtaking. It makes all of earth’s creation look so clean and pure as it covers every tree, shrub, and rooftop. When I look at the splendor of it, I wish that it could never be disturbed from its natural beauty. Snow days want me to take time to quiet the heart and ease my mind as I take in the glory of the season. I’m so thankful our awesome Creator gave us four beautiful seasons of the year to enjoy.

Snowfalls seem to make everyone bring out their cameras or videos to capture the magic and beauty of the season. Children playing or sledding, young and old alike building snowmen and snow tunnels, or just having fun in the snow their own way.

We have a wood-burning fireplac, and it was so relaxing to sit by a warm, cracking fire on those cold snowy days. It also served the purpose of drying out the wet garments from my grandchildren every time they came in to get warmed up and get something to eat. My greatest joy was watching them play.

Stephen’s two sons, Westley and Zakary. John’s son Gavin, and Amanda’s son Bryson were all here together. I would watch them play. Sometimes they were throwing son at each other. Sometimes laying in the snow making snow angels. Sometimes on the sled going down hills. Stephen got his four-wheeler out and pulled them around for a long time in the snow. Then they all came in with wet clothes and had to warm up. They had a wonderful time together. Zakary and Bryson stayed one night with me, and the next day they were right back out there again. Both of them are five years old and they wore those little legs out walking up these hills below the house pulling their sleds. I also got out my camera to capture some memories to show them when they get older.

Memories take me back to my own childhood days when I lived in Pennsylvania. Back then in the 1950s it seemed like we had more snow than what we do now, there in that area of the country. My dad was a township road supervisor. I remember many times we had such big snows that he and his road crew would be out all night opening up county roads. They would come back to the farmhouse to warm up for a while. Mom would make hot coffee and cocoa for them and get something out for them to eat. In those days they didn’t have equipment with heaters in them and it was very cold. They would have to dress in many layers of clothes and work like this for many days and nights. When we got big snows like that my dad would have to keep a path cleared out from the house to the barn so we could get to the barn to milk the cows and feed all the animals. Winters were hard on the farm when I was growing up, because there was always work to do of some kind. No matter how cold it was or how deep the snow the animals had to be fed; stables had to be cleaned out. Cows had to be milked. Eggs had to be gathered before they froze, and wood and coal had to be carried for heat and cooking.

Then at night after the farm work was all done we would join the other kids in the neighborhood and all go sledding on a nearby hill where our church was. It would be a bright moon, light night when we could see even in the dark of night. The snow made it even brighter, and that hill was steep and long. Not all of us had sleds so would stack on top of each other on a sled and go barreling down that hill together clinging on for dear life. As we quickly picked up speed, our squeals and laughter turned to screams as we swayed back and forth like a pine tree in a windy snowstorm. Then, our speed began slowing down and we all toppled off and rolled in the snow. We couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know how many times we made runs down that hill during my childhood but it was every bit a “thrill of enjoyment”, and for a while- time stood still.

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth at the bones. Let us keep merry heart- From my heart.