From a Mother's Heart

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By Bea Wallen

Grandchildren at the crowning glory of the aged


According to Ecclesiastes 3- God predetermines all the event of life. It begins with: To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time be born, and a time to die;-- Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.

On Monday afternoon, June 6 at 3:37 p.m. our precious little granddaughter, Alli Kay Hinch, made her way into this world and into our family circle. After a long exhausting day it was a time jubilant joy for my daughter Amanda and her husband, Jack. It was overwhelming for all of us as we looked at this precious little bundle of joy so wonderfully made. Alli’s daddy, her aunt Patty and Mam-ma Bea immediately took pictures of her and flashed them through our cell phones along with the birth announcement to all the family members and friends. It’s amazing how excited we get, and so hard to explain, that immediate bonding you have when someone so new, so precious, and so very small comes into our lives. I’m so thankful that God makes it possible for life to unfold just as it should. I thank God for this perfectly healthy and beautiful baby girl. Now 5 ½ years old brother, Bryson has a little sister to help care for, and he is so proud of this. He want to hold her every chance that he can. As I have stated so many time before in my writings, I love my grandchildren!

To me there is nothing more enjoyable than holding and cuddling a sweet smelling soft baby in my arms; then watching that life unfold and develop.

Proverbs 17:6 says- - Children’s children are the crown of the aged--. This little granddaughter is the 32nd crown to add to our glory. I love being a mother and I really enjoy being a grandmother. I stay busy each week caring for several of them while their parents are working. I pray that my health holds up to be able to care for them for a long time yet to come.

The word of God speaks so often of how much our Lord loved little children and is merciful unto them. He expects us to love and care for them in the same way and to teach them His righteousness.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward, Psalm 127:3.

Parents certainly have a great responsibility to teach their children what is right according to the Word of God, and they have a God-given responsibility to be good role models. Spiritual values and character are “caught” as much as taught. Parents who drop their children off at Sunday school on their way to Wal-Mart or to the golf course are as hypocritical as those who light up a cigarette while telling their children not to smoke. Spiritual values are most effectively taught when they are integrated into the very fabric of family life. If a child watched your life, what would he or she conclude about the importance of a relationship with God?

We are grandparents must pass on this baton of faith as we run our last leg in the last journey of life. We must do all we can to guarantee that faith in God will be firmly grasped by succeeding generations. Deuteronomy 4:9 warns us to be careful and watch closely, that we do not forget the things our eyes have seen or let them slip from our heart as long as we live. To teach them to our children and to their children.

I would hope that all these little ones would grow to spread laughter, kindness and gentleness wherever they go. These little ones are just beginning a long journey. One that will lead them to the unknown mountain tops, and shaded valleys. There will be many changes in their lives. Hopefully, as they go through all the changes, they will hold to the hand of the one who silently walks with them, offering his hand, the hand that never changes. Wars will always be fought; earthquakes and floods will transform the face of the earth. People they love will die, but the hand that holds them will remain strong and solid through it all.

As we welcome baby, Alli, I pray for God’s blessing upon this child, and all others. The blessing of knowing they are loved now and in eternity.

From my heart.