From a Mother's Heart

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By Bea Wallen

Dishonesty and deception in a form of bondage


For the last couple weeks every news channel was following the Casey Anthony trial- a young mother accused of murdering her three- year- old daughter nearly three years ago in Florida. It was a case that brought tears to our eyes as pictures of this beautiful little girl was flashed across the screen. How could any mother allow something so dreadful happen to her children then dispose of the body, was the question on so many minds? Finally a verdict was reached by the jury just this week on July 5. Not guilty of murder but guilty of lying to police officers. People everywhere were outraged by the jury’s decision.

But who are we to judge? We will probably never know the real truth of what happened to this precious little child, and where or how true justice for her failed.

What we do know is that this mother had been found guilty of deceit. Whatever else happened is something she will have to deal with in her own conscience and face the consequences of her own guilt, whatever that may be.

To deceive is to cover up the truth, the facts, to make things seem different from the way they really are. To deceive sends the wrong message. Even telling only half the truth is a form of deception because it is manipulating information to get your way. What makes deception so bad it that it is not just a mistake or an oversight; it is a calculated plan to mislead another; a deliberate attempt to get someone to believe an untruth. Deception breaks the bond of trust that is so necessary to human relationships. God hates deception because he not only stands for truth, he is the embodiment of truth.

Galatians 6:7 tells us “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” We deceive ourselves when we think we can ignore God and still receive his blessings.

When we lie to one another, we chip away the foundation of truth that must undergird a healthy relationship with others. Furthermore, we cannot introduce deceit into any relationship or system without opening the door to Satan, “the father of lies”, John 8:44.

Good people are guided by their honesty; treacherous people are destroyed by their dishonesty. Lies will eventually be exposed but truth stands the test of time. “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are His delight” Proverbs 12:22.

Dishonesty and deception is a form of bondage because we are always trying to hide our real motives.

This brings my thoughts back to this young mother was on trial. She maybe part of a very dysfunctional family from what we hear. But the fact is that, even thought she may be released from prison, she will still be in a form of bondage. Her family and community want to shut her out from a relationship with them. She has no way of supporting herself at this time. Even her attorneys think she will have to have guarded protection around her because of all the outrage. With many acts and thoughts there are definite good or bad consequences. As long, as she lives with lies and deceit she will be in bondage and will have to suffer the consequences of her sin.

Even forgiveness of sin may not stop sins consequences. See 2 Samuel 12:13-14. Then David confessed to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan replied “Yes the Lord has forgiven you…but…your child will die.”

The consequences of sin are often irreversible. When God forgives us he doesn’t eliminate the consequences of our wrongdoing. That should be a powerful reminder for us when we face temptation to sin again.

No matter how we feel about this situation, we must keep in mind God’s unconditional love for us all.

Jesus laid down his life for our benefit. His offer of forgiveness is extended to all mankind. Being a Christian comes with certain expectations; to love one another, and to pray for one another. I Peter 4:8 Love covers a multitude of sins. Psalm 58:11—surely there is a God who judges justly here on earth.

From my heart.