From the Mountain

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From The Mountain by Mark J. Tidwell


My nephew Matthew, his girlfriend Stephanie, and I went huckleberry pickin’ in anticipation of having huckleberry pie for the Fourth of July.  Huckleberries are small, elusive, and packed full of flavor.  It takes a heck of a lot of picking to get a quart of the not-much-bigger-than-BB sized berries.

We selected a cool evening after a rain shower had passed through the area.  That kept the bugs down and we didn’t get so hot out in brushy terrain where they grow.  One sure has to be careful picking huckleberries.  It seems as if huckleberry terrain and rattlesnake haunts usually go hand-in-hand.  We didn’t see any rattlers though and were able to fill up two quart-size freezer bags of the luscious little berries.

Wife Yvonne will bake the cobbler for the Fourth’s family festivities.  Served piping hot, with a big dip of vanilla ice cream on top, it’ll be just too good to put into words.  Huckleberry pie is so scrumptious in fact I’d recommend only one pie per year.  One would be hard pressed to stand any more of it than that, there is a real danger of taste bud overload. 

Fourth of July sure is a lot a fun!  I remember when I was a kid getting my “poke” of firecrackers and bottle rockets.  That was always good for several days of celebration with the other neighborhood kids.  We sure used to smoke the neighborhood up.  Then there was always the cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and the mandatory watermelon.  America sure knows how to throw a birthday party.  Happy Independence Day to our great country!  America will be 235 years young this Fourth of July. 

I think our “Founding Fathers” were some of the most far-sighted individuals ever.  Men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton still cast some long shadows down through history even unto this day.  As savvy as these semi-sacred figures are, I don’t think even they could have envisioned fully what they helped set into motion. 

These are just my thoughts, but here are some things I think would amaze the founders if they suddenly reappeared back in American society today:  flying machines, cell phones, television, interstate highway system, automobiles, the largest circulating men’s magazine: Playboy, fast food restaurants, hospitals/medical technology, talk show hosts, the American military, Alaska and Hawaii being states, global positioning system, the media blitz over the recent royal wedding, that 86,603 Americans are still missing in action from things called World War II, Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam, Cabela’s stores, a population of 300 million with mindboggling diversity, Disneyworld, and if they stopped by our place they’d love the huckleberry pie and ice cream.  As they used to say on Hee Haw, “say lute” to our Founding Fathers who started it all