Movie to premiere on October 24 at Flat Hollow Marina

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By Charlotte Underwood

Flat Hollow Marina is geared up for its first ever movie premier scheduled for this Saturday.


Filmed at the marina nearly a year ago, Fish Bait-The Movie stars actors from the Einstein Simplified Comedy Troupe, and other actors from the Knoxville area. The film is a cross between Deliverance and Jaws, with the improvisation acting technique of Blair Witch, said co-director Jeff Joslin.

Joslin also wrote, co-produced the movie.

“With lower budget films, you end up wearing a lot of hats,” Joslin said. He also helped operate the camera and sound equipment as well. But it’s not just the actors that took center stage.

Gary Farwick, owner of the Flat Hollow Marina, has a cameo in the film.

“”We’re all really excited about the premiere. All of the movie was filmed in or around the marina and we’re proud of that,” Farwick said.

When he was approached last fall about having the movie filmed at his marina, Farwick said he thought ‘why not.’

“It’s a good one for Campbell County, a good one for Norris Lake and a good one for Flat Hollow Marina,” Farwick said.

Marina manager Benny Green also has a role in the movie.

“He’s a stuttering Virgil,” Farwick said of Green’s character.

The film features the music of Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Davis of the Boxmasters, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jefferey Joslin, Jim Silvers and Joe Weaver.

The low, budget independent film has a fictional story line, revolving around three friends coming to Norris Lake to hook the fabled man-sized catfish. The group arrives to see a beautiful lake and marina. But soon learn things are not as they first thought. Instead of staying at Flat Hollow Marina, the group is booked to stay at Fear Hollow Marina, just up the lake. The group decides to make the best of the situation and try to hook the big fish anyway. But in the end they maybe end up as the bait.

Joslin said he got the idea from the stories he heard growing up on the lake in Knoxville.

“Some of my earliest memories are of stories about the giant catfish that supposedly live down by the dam. One summer on the lake, I saw this fisherman who had caught this huge 50 or 60 pound catfish. The guy’s arm was chewed up a bit from where he had tried to get the hook out of the fish’s mouth,” Joslin said.

Co-director Darby Totten grew up in Arizona hearing similar stories about giant catfish from her father. Darby and Joslin co-own Three Legged Dog Productions.

The black comedy is filled with plenty of comedic moments, suspense and tasteful horror scenes, according to Joslin.

Joslin and Darby’s goal for this film and the production company is to provide the entertainment industry with fresh and creative films.

Using the improvisation group out of Knoxville added a unique character to the film, said Joslin.

“The guys sort of free formed and came up with scripts as the movie developed, making for an interesting style,” Joslin said.

“The folks at Flat Hollow Marina were so cordial. The first part of the film is actually based upon our experiences when we first arrived at Flat Hollow,” Joslin said.

The Oct. 24 premiere will start at 7 p.m at Flat Hollow Marina and Resort. DJ Marty Ray, who is one of the cast members from the movie, will be on hand spinning music and leading karaoke. The rest of the cast and crew, along with Joslin will also be on hand for the premiere. There will also be food and beverages, with the movie beginning around sundown.