Mullins seeking $21,000 for projects on city roads

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At the LaFollette City Council workshop on Jan. 28, Public Works Department Head Jim Mullins approached the council with three projects that cost $21,500.
City council member Hansford Hatmaker asked Mullins if there was money in the street department’s budget for these projects.
“I don’t have the money to do any of this,” Mullins said.
Because the money for the project isn’t in the street department’s budget, Mullins is seeking approval from the council for more money from the city.
The projects are on East Memorial Drive, Andy Bird Road and the intersection of Fourth Street and Beech Street.
The project at the intersection of Fourth Street and Beech Street will cost $1,500, Mullins said. The project on East Memorial Drive will cost $4,000. The project on Andy Baird Road will cost $30,000. However, the county highway department will pay for half of the project, Mullins said. The city’s portion for the project will cost between $15,000 and $16,000, Mullins said.
Mullins also spoke with the council about Al Robertson’s Portable Toilets. The drainage structure the building sits on is washing away, Mullins said. The problem is with the drainage system, not the building, Mullins said.
“I don’t think doing nothing is an option,” Mullins said.
The council discussed several options, such as taking the building down so the problem could be fixed, buying a new location for business and purchasing the property.
Mullins will get an appraisal on the building and bring it to the council before further action can be decided. Mullins doesn’t have time to bring the appraisal before the council by Tuesday’s meeting, he said.
Traffic lights
The council discussed a traffic light at Cumberland Crossing, next to Lowes, that had been on hazard.
“I think we need to fix that light that’s out,” council member Joe Bolinger said.
However, Progressive Lighting fixed it Monday, Mayor Mike Stanfield said.
“That light that’s out is fixed,” Stanfield said. “They fixed it today.”
The city will be billed but will file an insurance claim because an accident damaged the light, Stanfield said.
Hatmaker asked who authorized fixing the light.
“I guess the electric department,” Stanfield said.
At Tuseday night’s meeting, the council will consider having three other traffic lights fixed. Two of the traffic lights are at Towe String Road and one is at Food City. The loop controlling the traffic light’s timing, that is located under the asphalt, is cut, Stanfield said. This is causing problems with the timing, which is holding up traffic, Stanfield said. It will cost about $3,000 to fix the lights, Stanfield said.
911 board
At Tuesday night’s meeting, the council will vote to appoint two members to the LaFollette 911 board. Two board members, Mike Freeman and David Reynolds, are serving terms on the board that have expired. Jay Huddleston has expressed a desire to be appointed, Stanfield said.