Napier runs over stop sign; gets arrested

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By Jennifer Caldwell

Running over a stop sign proved to be a costly mistake for a LaFollette man last Monday.

LaFollette Police Officer Justin Lowe responded to the report of a hit and run accident at South 5th and Chestnut Street. According to Lowe’s report, the caller stated that a white car had run over a stop sign and left the scene, but then returned.

When Lowe arrived he encountered the driver, Shane A. Napier, 27, of 311 Rose Hill Drive.  After making contact with Napier, Lowe said he noted a strong odor of alcohol, however, when Napier was questioned about his alcohol intake he allegedly reported drinking only one beer that evening.  

As a result of observing Napier’s glassy, bloodshot eyes, Lowe administered field sobriety tests, which Napier was unable to perform to satisfaction of the officer, records indicated.  

Napier allegedly denied running over the stop sign, despite damage including green paint from the sign’s post on the front passenger side of the care and a large amount of white paint on the stop sign.

Lowe’s report states that Napier later admitted hitting the stop sign and allegedly stated he had left the scene because he was angry with his girlfriend.

An inventory of Napier’s vehicle revealed one open beer can, four unopened cans of beer in a 12 pack box and one empty beer can in the street.

While Napier initially agreed to consent to a blood alcohol test he allegedly became increasingly combative his transport from the scene to LPD for the testing.  Napier alleged struck the interior plexiglass in Lowe’s patrol car and had to be restrained until he calmed down, according to Lowe’s report.

Napier was arrested and charged with violation of the financial responsibility law, driving under the influence, filing a false police report, leaving the scene of an accident, vandalism less than $500 and violation of the open container law.  He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 22.