New scholarship opportunity available to Campbell Co. students

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Over 100 students have taken advantage of a new scholarship program in Campbell County.
Tennessee Achieves is active in 126 schools across Tennessee.
“Our target student is the first generation, lower income student,” Tennessee Achieves Executive Director Krissy DeAlejandro said.
But the program is available to all Tennessee public high school graduates, DeAlejandro said.
“We launched in Knox County in 2008,” DeAlejandro said. “Our main focus is at the community college level.”
There were 23 counties involved last year, and there are 27 involved this year.
“This is our first year in Campbell County,” DeAlejandro said.
One hundred eighty-nine students from Campbell County applied for Tennessee Achieves.
There were 164 applicants from Campbell County High School and 25 from Jellico High School. While Tennessee Achieves accepts all applicants, DeAlejandro only anticipates 92 of these to actually attend community college with its support, DeAlejandro said.
Tennessee Achieves offers last dollar scholarships and mentors.
Last dollar scholarships meet the difference for students where financial aid and other scholarships are lacking.
This amount varies from student to student. The average is $898 per semester for each student.
Because of the massive response from Campbell County students, there is a need for mentors.
During the high school student’s senior year, applications for Tennessee Achieves are dropped off in August. They are due by October.
Students meet with their mentors in December, January, March, over the summer for new student orientation and in September.
“We ask that the mentors stay with the students through this first semester of college,” DeAlejandro said.
The mentor eliminates college access barriers and offers encouragement, while acting as cheerleader and taskmaster.
Those interested in becoming mentors can find more information at tnachieve.org.